Vanden Plas

Marques : Vanden Plas

The name of Vanden Plas is one of the oldest in the motor industry, dating back to the end of the 19th century. Here we look at how it came to be part of the sprawling BLMC combine, and how despite its mixed fortunes over the years, the name has never really gone away… THE […]

In production : Vanden Plas Kingsbury Works

Between the two World Wars, the Vanden Plas factory at Kingsbury saw some very prestigious motor vehicles indeed – particularly Bentley, but also Alvis, Rolls Royce, Lagonda and others. A potted history THE Kingsbury Works originally sat in the grounds of Kingsbury House, a Nineteenth Century house at Kingsbury, near Harrow in north-west London, which […]

X6-based : Vanden Plas 1800

Vanden Plas produced a variety of prototypes based on BMC/Leyland models. One of these used the Austin X6 as its donor car.

In-house designs : Vanden Plas

Vanden Plas prototypes The coachbuilding firm of Vanden Plas had been purchsed by Austin in 1946, and thus became part of the BMC empire that was created by the merger of Austin and Morris in 1952. Until the end of the 1950s, the factory at Kingsbury in north-west London was chiefly used for the production […]