Marques : Wolseley

Marques : Wolseley

The Wolseley name was around at the dawn of the British motor industry, and its history was closely entwined with that of the two dominant BMC marques, Austin and Morris – right to the very end. A potted history Wolseley’s Adderley Park factory, covering some 21 acres following its expansion in 1913. F. Wolseley AS […]

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Blog : The 1930s – a decade of extremes

Blog : The 1930s – a decade of extremes

Martyn Kelham My 1934 Wolseley Nine was born into a very different world from today and drivers of that decade had vastly different expectations from their cars. While we might think that the country was hugely prosperous and everything was fine up until WW2 – and it all went wrong in the 1950s – the […]

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Police cars : Wolseley

The Police’s loyalty to the Wolseley marque was remarkably strong right up to the mid-1960s. In fact, watch any British black & white crime film, and you’ll probably see one of these before too long. Wolseley 6/80 A mid-1950s Wolseley 6/80 used for police publicity work. Wolseley 6/90 A 1956 Wolseley 6/90 in service with […]

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In production : Adderley Park Wolseley Works

The Adderley Park plant entered the BMC fold by way of the Nuffield Group. It had been home to the Wolseley motor company from 1901 until the late 1920s when, following William Morris’s purchase of Wolseley, the plant was given over to commercial vehicle production. Location Arden Road/Bordesley Green Road, Adderley Park, Birmingham. A potted […]