Blog : Meet the Essex Boy who’s a Leyland Man


Mike Humble A good mate and contact from a Thameside based DAF dealer who is up to speed with my book project called me out of the blue recently. Bradley is also very kindly contributing, thanks to a extensive find of old Leyland T45 manuals and literature. During a stores clear out, he tells me, […]

Unsung Heroes : Leyland Roadtrain Interstate


Mike Humble Leyland trucks had seen some revolutionary changes in the ’80s with the initial T45 Roadtrain launched in 1980. By 1986 the whole range comprised of the Roadrunner Freighter, Cruiser and Constructor models, all of which were selling reasonably well in the face of stiff opposition. The recession of 1981 did a great deal […]

Blog : T45 Publication – progress update


Mike Humble In my last update, I mentioned how my T45 book was now confirmed and in the pipeline – things have certainly moved on considerably since then. After putting one or two cries for help and input out into the ether, some key names have come forward and offered a colossal amount of facts, […]

Commercial Vehicles : Your help needed

t45 cab

Mike Humble They say that time flies, and how true is that sentiment? This month marks the 20th anniversary of the collapse of Europe’s largest truck builder – Leyland DAF. Way back in 1987, the two brands of DAF and Leyland were merged into one following the Conservative Government’s decision to start privatising the State owned-Rover […]

Commercial Vehicles : Leyland Marathon

morgan marathon

Mike Humble tells the story of the hugely influential Leyland Marathon The start of the fightback Adapting to market changes – and fast After all the trials and tribulations over the past three decades, one of the key members of the British Leyland Motor Corporation still prospers and survives. Leyland trucks based in the Lancashire […]

The Commercials : Leyland T45 Constructor

This official Leyland picture was taken in 1980 - The T45 cab still looks modern 32 years later!

 AROnline gets down in the dirt as we take another look at the T45 cab system Leyland introduced back in the early 80′s. Another big seller in the commercial vehicle sector was the Leyland Constructor – a range of 6 or 8 wheel vehicles up to 30 tons GVW. Mike Humble gets into gear and takes a journey back… […]

The commercials : Leyland T45 Freighter

Have A Break? - Looks the driver is in this 1987 Freighter with full Leyland aerodynamic kit fitted.

Leyland’s medium weight Freighter was the company’s bright new hope of the 1980s, combining two previous ranges into one – and putting in a strong performance in what became the fast growing sector up to 17 tons GVW. Mike Humble takes up the story. The Boxer is beaten by a new middleweight Even those unaware […]

The Commercials : Leyland T45 Cruiser

Leyland Cruiser - This one was operated by Leyland Vehicles at the Bus Chassis Plant in Bristol

Hot on the heels of the stylish Roadtrain, and replacing the Buffalo 2 range of meduim weight artics, was the T45 Cruiser launched in 1982. Differing from the Roadtrain by only being offered with in-house power units and 4×2 axle configuration, Mike Humble tells the story. Cruising the UK’s mean streets The Leyland truck portfolio […]

The commercials : Leyland T45 Roadtrain

Leyland's Export Drive - A Roadtrain with the newly launched 350bhp Rolls Eagle 800Li  stands at the French C.V show.

Many see 1980 as the start of the big product led recovery plan instigated by Sir Michael Edwardes, notably with the Austin Metro. But a few junctions up the M6 in Lancashire, another revolution was also starting. Mike Humble takes a look at the heavy end of BL with the multi-award winning Leyland Roadtrain Keep […]