Sports car projects

MGF Prototypes : First and last


Keith Adams Originally posted 26 March 2011 It was strange seeing MGF prototypes PR1, PR2 and PR3 for the very first time on a recent visit to Longbridge. I had seen them in the pages of David Knowles’ excellent MGF and TF book as well as on the pages of this very website but had never really appreciated […]

Concepts and prototypes : Triumph Fury

THE Triumph Fury was a little more than a motorshow crowd pleaser – it was a hint at what Triumph could really achieve with its sports car range during the Sixties. ROBERT LEITCH put together this story for the website, explaining how the Fury came about… Fury: an E-type for the masses AN article by […]

Sports car projects : MG TF GT

MGB for the 21st century? Hinted at for some time in the press, the MG GT Concept marries the well-known capabilities of the MG TF chassis and the KV6 engine, and packages them up in a pretty new hard-top body. Not yet cleared for production, it is MG Rover’s ambition to get the car into […]

Sports car projects : OMNI proposals

MG’s Sports car for the 21st century RICHARD Hamblin, former Managing Director of OMNI Design, and has managed to give us an invaluable insight into the design of the sports car pictured on this page. As the former Director of Advanced Design at the Rover Group, he has passionate views on the health of the […]

Sports car projects : Matra M72

Anglo-French Rover? It wasn’t only Matra’s Renault Espace Gen 3 that MG Rover had been interested in – Longbridge executives could have ended up reviving the MG Midget name with this fascinating prototype, and also coined the CityRover name for it… Back in 2000, MG Rover’s management was in a terrible pickle – ‘gifted’ a […]

Sports car projects : MG DR2/PR5


MG’s might-have-been bruiser Throughout the mid- to late-’80s, the Austin-Rover design studios produced several MG sports car mock-ups, most of which came to nought. Things became more serious following the launch of the Mazda MX5 in 1989, and Rover’s management realised there was genuine money to be made in open-tops. This proposal created by Design […]

Sports car projects : Aston MGB

The Aston MGB The 10th September 1979 became known as “Black Monday” among MG enthusiasts around the world, because it was the date that BL finally went public with their plans to shut the Abingdon factory, after fifty successful years of sports car production. Shockwaves reverberated around the industry, and it did not take long […]

Sports car projects : Triumph


The Michelotti Bullet & Lynx Entering the 1970s, Triumph decided on a two-pronged attack on the sports car market: Bullet was the TR6 replacement incorporating, like the Stag, a roll-over bar and T-bar. Lynx was the closed coupé, to replace the GT6. Like all Triumphs since the Herald in 1959 (and excluding the Karmann-designed TR6), […]

Sports car projects : ADO76

When MG met Michelotti Until recently, AROnline listed the ADO76 project as a rubber-bumpered version of the MGB, but in essence there was much more to it than that… Moves were afoot in both Abingdon and Pressed Steel-Fisher (PSF) in Cowley to produce something with a clear 1970s style for the upcoming decade… sadly, it […]

Sports car projects : ADO70

The sporting Mini ADO70 was conceived by Harry Webster as a fun car for the US market. However, the project foundered when the prototype met with an apathetic reaction by Leyland’s management, and the required funds were not forthcoming. Although generally known as the Michelotti Mini, it should be noted that it was built – […]