The cars : Rover P5

Rover P5B

Keith Adams/Ian Nicholls ONE of the most replayed television clips of former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, is of her arriving at 10 Downing Street, having triumphed in the May 1979 General Election – her transport was a Rover P5B. Considering the car had been out of production for not far shy of a decade, […]

Engines : Rover V8


An heroic engine During the late 1950s, the US car industry turned to aluminium as a material to build their engines from. The reasons for this have been well documented, but primarily it was the quest for lighter weight and greater efficiency that led the producers to choose this route. One such manufacturer who embraced […]

6th (5.6%): Rover P5/P5B

For many, the P5 and P5B epitomises everything that Rover stood for during the prosperous 1960s. Big, powerful and imposing, the P5 soon became the transport of choice for the captains of UK industry and their political leaders. Sadly, it was never replaced… Ministerial Rover THE advancement of the Rover marque was not the exactly […]

Archive : Rover P5B ends today

Rover P5B

On this day the last 15 Rover P5Bs came off the production at Solihull. Rover P5 development story Rover P5 – the Greatest