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Keith Adams

Editor, creator AROnline
Keith created in 2001 and has seen it steadily grow. Works as the Managing Editor for the Honest John website, and has contributed to and worked on various motoring titles including Octane, Evo, CAR Magazine, Autocar, Diesel Car, Practical Performance Car, Performance French Car, Car Mechanics, Jaguar World Monthly, Classic Car Weekly, MG Enthusiast, Modern MINI, Practical Classics, Fifth Gear Website, and the the Motoring Independent…Likes ‘conditionally challenged’ motors and taking them on unfeasable adventures all across Europe.Contact Keith Adams for any editorial enquiries, information, updates or errors – but, please, no technical queries!
e-mail Keith Adams
Keith Adams

Alexander Boucke

Deputy Editor
Based in Aachen, Germany, Alexander exercises his passion for British classic cars by regularly adding to his collection of fine automobiles. At the last count, he owned 14 BMC>MGs, but it could be more now, as we’re losing track…Contact Alexander on all matters Hydragas and Hydrolastic.He also administers the community section, as well as hold the keys for all the oily back-room technical stuff that scares Keith Adams.
e-mail Alexander Boucke
Alexander Boucke

Mike Humble

Features and commercials editor
Over the past 24 years, Mike has held various posts in the motor trade ranging from car sales, parts & service right through to truck and bus sales, even spending a few years as a mobile mechanic. Happy both in the service bays or showrooms, Mike’s passions revolve around all things MG Rover or SAAB and has extensive experience of Leyland’s Buck & Truss empire too.More recently, his ramblings are to be found in Car Mechanics magazine. A HGV & PSV licence holder too, much of his spare time is devoted to the new love in his life… His Rover 75 Club SE. Contact Mike with queries on powertrain systems – K series and Commercial/PSV technical stuff. e-mail Mike

Andrew Elphick

Senior Contributor
He might come from Essex and have an irrational, if understandable, love of Uncle Henry’s finest, but Andrew’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the automotive industry is a constant source of new material for AROnline. Check out his detailed stories on Midas and Trident to see what we mean…Now he’s busy adding to his growing collection of cars, which includes a Vauxhall Astra automatic and a dead BMW 5-Series. Hmm.
e-mail Andrew Elphick
Andrew Elphick

Clive Goldthorp

Contributing Editor
Clive claims that his interest in the BMC>MG story dates back to his childhood in the 1960s when the family’s garage premises were leased to a tenant with an Austin agency. However, back in the 1920s and 1930s, his grandmother was one of the country’s first female Garage Proprietors so cars probably run in his genes! Admits to affairs with Alfa Romeos, but currently owns a rare 06/06 MG TF 135…Clive, who was AROnline’s News Editor for nearly four years, stood down from that role in order to devote more time to various Motor Racing projects but he still contributes articles on as regular basis as his other commitments permit.
.e-mail Clive Goldthorp
Clive Goldthorp

Richard Truett

US Editor
Currently working for Ford in Detroit, Richard Truett is a lifelong Triumph and Rover fan. Despite living in Motown, his drive looks like it’s forever Canley, with a collection of Triumphs to make any fan of the great marque go weak at the knees.As he so eloquently puts it, ‘In the States, if you drove an MG or Triumph or had a Rover sedan, you were part of a different crowd.You had friends everywhere you went. You thumbed your nose at the mainstream.’ And today, he also drives an EFi powered Triumph TR8 and beautifully-kept Triumph Stag. Good man…
e-mail Richard Truett
Richard Truett

Kevin Davis

Kevin works in the automotive business, but devotes much of his spare time indulging in his passion for Princesses – and other Rover Group cars. He currently owns the most famous Wedge in the country – Snappy – which has appeared at many shows and events in the UK, and runs the very impressive Leyland Princess website.Kevin is happiest when dishing out sensible buying advice…Contact Kevin if you have any Wedge related queries, or fancy some buying advice.
e-mail Kevin Davis

Ian Nicholls

Born in Bedfordshire but now residing in Norfolk, Ian Nicholls is an ardent BL enthusiast. Currently he owns a Jaguar and two classic Minis. A stalwart of the Norfolk Mini Owners Club for nearly a decade he is an enthusiast for all things Issigonis. A stickler for historical accuracy he has recently performed the marathon task of mining the online newspaper articles for all BMC>MG related stories.Ian is unable to help with technical queries. He pays other people to fix his cars!
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