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Police cars : Rover/Land Rover

Although earlier Rovers such as the P4 and P5 were certainly used by various police forces, the Leyland-era P6 and SD1 became almost synonymous with the term “jam sandwich”, referring to dayglo orange stripe carried by motorway patrol cars.

Rover P6

A Metropolitan Police Force Rover 2000.

West Midlands Police Rover 3500 V8 patrol car.

Rover SD1

West Yorkshire Police Rover 3500.

Rover 800

A 1993 Rover 800 (revised version) in service with Devon & Cornwall Police.

A 1986 Rover Sterling company demonstrator with Coventry number plates.

Land Rover

A 1973 Metropolitan Police Force Land Rover.

Range Rover

A 1970 Range Rover in service with the Kent Constabulary.

A 1978 Range Rover in service with the Wiltshire Constabulary.

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  1. Mike Butler says:

    Here’s one to have a look at…
    Treasure Hunt (with Anneka Rice) Wiltshire/Avon
    Series 5 1987 Part 4
    Rover SD1 used as rapid transport (courtesy Avon & Somerset Constabulary)Check it out on You Tube

  2. Mike Butler says:

    Update to previous response –
    There was quite a fuss at the time, but the Constabulary viewed it as a training excercise.

  3. Will M says:

    Keith once uploaded a video from Police Camera Action – The Liver Run, which had Met SD1s transporting a liver across London.

    In terms of police Land Rovers, RUC/PSNI have used armoured Tangi / Pangolins for years.

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