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Finally, it’s going to happen!

Keith Adams

Roy Axe: A Life in Style

Roy Axe: A Life in Style

AFTER four years and countless hours of collaboration with me, Roy Axe’s autobiography, A Life In Style, is set to hit the bookshelves on the 15th October. It’s been an interesting and fulfilling experience and, as someone who held high-up positions in both the Rootes Group and Rover, Roy is uniquely placed to relate how it was working in these companies at boardroom level.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t a bed of roses.

You’ll be able to buy the book from Amazon or directly from me as I will have a few advance copies to sell through AROnline. I’ll let you know the price once I have the books in and online to sell… These advance copies will have a selection of colour images in them, which the regular versions won’t.

This is my first book publishing venture, but it won’t be my last. If there’s demand, we’ll be adding a selection of titles based upon the contents of this site. All suggestions will be gratefully received…

Keith Adams

Keith Adams

Editor and creator AROnline at AROnline
Created in 2001 and built it to become the world's foremost reference source for all things BMC, Leyland and Rover Group, before renaming it AROnline in 2007.

Is the Editor of the Parkers website and price guide, formerly editor of Classic Car Weekly, and launch editor/creator of Modern Clsssics magazine. Has contributed to various motoring titles including Octane, Practical Classics, Evo, Honest John, CAR magazine, Autocar, Pistonheads, Diesel Car, Practical Performance Car, Performance French Car, Car Mechanics, Jaguar World Monthly, MG Enthusiast, Modern MINI, Practical Classics, Fifth Gear Website, Radio 4, and the the Motoring Independent...

Likes 'conditionally challenged' motors and taking them on unfeasable adventures all across Europe.
Keith Adams
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17 Comments on "Finally, it’s going to happen!"

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  1. Andrew Elphick says:

    I hope the family Axe (and Adams) are justly proud of the venture. I’m looking forward to sitting down with a copy.

  2. Alex Sebbinger says:

    I echo what Mr. Elphick has said and look forward to getting a copy. Many congratulations, Keith!

  3. Simon Woodward says:

    Looking forward to it, nice one Keith… Simon.

  4. Andre Rabbitte says:

    I can’t wait!! Hope you can send a copy downunder to New Zealand!

  5. Richard Kilpatrick says:

    Please put me down for one of the first, as soon as they’re available, please!

  6. Doive says:

    Any chance of one of the advance copies as well? I’d love a read of that.

  7. Shep says:

    I look forward to the book’s publication :).

  8. MG Mal says:

    Keith, sounds great.

    Put me down for an advanced copy if available.


  9. David 3500 says:

    This is something of real interest about Austin Rover’s move from the troubled days of the 1970s into the successful 1990s when the Rover name had so much to offer. Please do put my name down for an advance copy as soon as they become available – it will make for interesting reading.


  10. Mike C says:

    Sounds great, can’t wait.

  11. Jonathan Carling says:

    I’m looking forward to reading it.

  12. Andrew Carr says:

    I can’t wait :D.

    I’m just going to pre-order it from Amazon now :D.

  13. Wingroad says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this fascinating sounding book.

  14. David Knowles says:

    Keith, I am really pleased for you that you’ve managed to get this done and I’m certainly looking forward to getting a copy.

    Most publishers are not interested in books about people other than so-called ‘celebrities’ which is why, with few exceptions, the only books in the fairly sparse motoring sections of our high street book shops that focus on people tend to be ones by Clarkson, Captain Slow or the Hamster. Peter Thornley had to pay for the book about his father, John Thornley of MG fame, and, although I’ve long wanted to do a book about Syd Enever, nobody wants to underwrite such a book.

  15. Arelbe says:

    Very much like a copy from you, not Amazon. Can I say this e-mail is an order right now?

  16. Eamonn says:

    Can’t wait for this, Keith. Well done!

  17. Ralph says:

    Congratulations, I am confident that it will be a great read! Looking forward already!

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