MG XPower SV

The cars : MG XPower SV development history

The cars : MG XPower SV development history

MG Rover wanted to form alliances with other industry players, but no one could have predicted a tie-up with failed Italian supercar builder, Qvale. But in 2001, that’s what happened, and work soon started on producing a re-styled version of the Mangusta – and with it, plans were hatched for the revival of MG’s sports […]

Tested : MG XPower SV

LAMBASTED as an irrelevant folly, the MG XPower SV has always divided opinions – why? Because MG Rover should have spent its finite financial resources elsewhere… Others would say that if the company was going down, why not do it in style? We take a drive in one for ourselves – and decide that the […]

Concepts and prototypes : Aria XPower SV

These pictures published on the Aria Group website depict a new sporting MG, which would have been based upon the Qvale Mangusta platform… The Aria Group’s concepts for MG’s new sports car What can be gleaned from these pictures? Very little, although it could well be that MGR commissioned the Aria Group to work on […]

Car of the month : August 2006

MG Rover wanted to build a showcase flagship for the MG range – and when it managed to pick up the Qvale operation in 2001 for a mere £10m, its principal product, the Mangusta, was the perfect building block to achieving this plan. Jerry Flint is well known in MG circles, and has run plenty […]

Archive : MG launches new sports car

MG Rover Group has launched a high performance sports car that it hopes will rival the likes of Porsche, Maserati and Jaguar. The MG XPower SV is “an extremely powerful car”, said MG Rover chief executive, Kevin Howe. And not only in terms of horsepower. “The car illustrates how far we are prepared to extend […]

Archive : New sports car for Longbridge

A new luxury sports car is to be built in Birmingham instead of Italy. MG Rover confirmed on Sunday that it will build up to 2,000 MG X80s a year at Longbridge instead of Qvale Modena in Italy. Unions have welcomed the move and say it will give added confidence to the local economy. The […]