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News : Carole Nash offers free National Classic Car Day cover for policyholders


Classic car and bike insurance broker Carole Nash has thrown its full support behind National Classic Car and Bike Day by providing policy holders with commuter cover as standard.  The day is a brainchild of BBC Radio 2 Breakfast DJ Chris Evans, who recently announced that Friday, 4 April 2014 will be the first National […]

Advertorial : Common causes of distracted driving

Distracted driver

Accidents can happen in a split second by a moment’s inattention, particularly if you are travelling at speed, and can lead to the loss of your no-claims bonus and perhaps injury to yourself and others. It really is worth being aware of behaviours to avoid when you are at the wheel and how to best […]

Advertorial : How the UK became the whiplash capital of the world


Whiplash injuries can be very painful and unpleasant for the sufferer, leading to neck pain and stiffness. The effects are usually short-term but the most severe cases can result in long-term debilitating pain and depression. Typically, the damage occurs after a car accident, often a rear collision at low speeds, and the resulting whiplash injury […]

Advertorial : How to reduce risk while driving

M6 Motorway

The freedom of the road can be an empowering thing, but driving will always involve a certain amount of risk. According to government statistics, an average of 10 people are killed in road accidents in the UK every day, and 100 are seriously injured – and 95% of these accidents are due to driver error. […]

Advertorial : Tips on how to drive safely in windy conditions


You know that feeling when it’s blowing a gale outside:  the last thing you want to do is leave the house, but sometimes you just need to.  So you cut a dash for the car and head off on your way.  But driving in the wind can be dangerous, so once you’re on the road, […]

Advertorial : What to do in a collision?

Car incident

It’s difficult to think clearly and remember what you need to do when you’ve just been involved in a car accident. At the time most people will be upset and may be worried about their passengers or the driver of the other car having been hurt. So a useful tip is to print off a […]

Advertorial : 10 essential items to pack ahead of a road trip

Roadtrip (1)

Millions of motorists agree that taking a road trip is one of the most liberating and exciting ways to travel. Jack Kerouac even went as far as to proclaim that “the road is life”. But whether you are embarking on an odyssey across the country or heading to the nearest stretch of coastline, the key […]

Advertorial : How old can my proof of No Claims Discount (NCD) be?


After fuel, car insurance is probably the number one cost of running a vehicle and, given the ever-increasing costs of insuring your car, saving money on cover is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Traditionally, careful drivers have been rewarded with a No Claims Discount (NCD) – a saving on their policy for not making […]

Essays : Over-50s car insurance guide

You've worked hard for the finer things in life - make sure you're covered to enjoy it properly

We’ve talked a lot about young people and their car insurance needs – but what about drivers at the other end of the scale? People who have reached the age of 50 are likely to have a bit more cash to splash on luxury goods like cars. When you have a nice car, there is […]

News : Classic car top tens, Brits prefer Germans

Evergreen MGB is actually only the second most popular pre-1980 classic on UK roads.

Analysis by MoneySupermarket has identified the most popular older cars on Britain’s roads, with Volkswagens dominating the list of the pre-1996 vehicles which are still going strong today. The analysis was gained by looked at 34 million enquiries through MoneySupermarket’s car insurance channel in a 12 month period to the end of March this year. […]