News : MG adds third car to 2014 BTCC line-up


Former British F3 Champion Marc Hynes has chosen to return to BTCC in an MG6 for the 2014 season, the third MG6 running in the Championship next year. Hynes, 35, will race a Triple Eight-prepared MG6 and will dovetail the BTCC programme with his current management role with the Marussia F1 Team.

The addition of a third car comes at the end of a very successful 2013 season for MG which saw race veteran, Jason Plato, narrowly miss out what would have been a third Championship title with the MG KX Momentum Racing team, after securing previous wins in 2001 and 2010. Plato’s young team-mate, Sam Tordoff, also had an outstanding maiden season, landing four career podium places in the MG6.

Speaking yesterday, Marc said: ‘I am hugely excited about racing in the BTCC. The series looks better than ever; strong teams and drivers with big crowds and great TV coverage. The BTCC package presents a commercially viable formula, which is pretty rare these days. I always knew that I had unfinished business in a race suit and I feel very privileged to have been presented with the opportunity to go racing with Triple Eight and MG.’

MG Motor UK’s Sales and Marketing Director, Guy Jones, said: ‘We are delighted to be running a third MG next season, with a driver of Marc’s talent and experience.  We have had a great response to MG returning to BTCC and last season we narrowly missed out on the Championship title.  We are really looking forward to increasing awareness of MG in 2014 with our new MG3 and more MG6s on the road and on the track.’

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  1. Will M - December 5, 2013

    Great stuff that they’re continuing on.

    Now ADVERTISE it!!!!!

    I’ve even seen the BTCC Focus advertised in a medicinal chewing gum advert!!

  2. Dave Dawson - December 5, 2013

    Well, it’s further evidence that SAIC, MG UK really are serious! The lack of promotional activity has often been hard to understand here in the UK but let’s face it SAIC are viewing things in world terms and are probably very happy with their rate of progress.

  3. anton80 - December 6, 2013

    looks awsome

  4. alex scott nzl 69 alex scott - December 6, 2013

    They need to make that body kit available for the road car. alex

  5. Will M - December 6, 2013


    The thought of having a ’6 with that bodykit coming up behind an A4 TDi and scaring the wits of them amuses me greatly :)

  6. marcelfromholland - December 6, 2013

    indeed, what a nice frightning car & colour now…
    please SAIC / MG bring out in public now as a kind of twr / vitesse / zs 180 like car, put 19″ on, nice tailpipe & ending like mg zr/zs/zt heat shield, 200 PK instead of the 160 etc.
    and then…
    help tom coronel with this car in new 2014 wtcc :)

  7. COKE STAR - December 6, 2013

    Great news! And yes, MG/SAIC needs to release a brutal version of the MG6!

  8. Joe Strong - December 6, 2013

    I suppose they have to do something with all the sixes that nobody wants to buy, shame to have to send them back China or Motorpoint.

  9. mg6fan - December 7, 2013

    Fellow mg6 owners please do the auto express driver power survey to prove to that in fact the 6 is a good car.thanks

  10. Craig England - December 8, 2013

    Nice steady progress from MG and its great to see an extra car in the BTCC next year. I bought my Donny park ticket earlier today actually.

    I also hear that the UK allocation of MG3s for 2013 have sold out now.

  11. ANON - December 9, 2013

    Marc Hynes! unbelievable to think that he actually beat Jenson Button to the British F3 title – but this is probably the first I’ve heard of him since.

    Not sure there is a strategy around this though – certainly not seeing many 6s on the road even in the Midlands. That said I saw a 3 yesterday – maroon with a union jack roof, which frankly looked ridiculous. Mixed messages

  12. Steve Lee - December 14, 2013

    Soon the number of MG6s whizzing round race tracks will out-number those on the road.

  13. Paul Farrell - February 11, 2014

    Would liked to have seen them use a Magnette version, based on mine!

    This is one of the brand new TSE Motorpoint cars bought back in October. I love it to bits! The 20″ wheels set it off a treat!

  14. Paul Farrell - February 11, 2014

    PS. I’ve had a few comments likening the looks of the Magnette to a muscle car. Looking at the photos I can see what they mean. It seems to have that steeply raked rear window and almost ‘coke bottle’ swage along the window waistline, like the 1970 Dodge Challenger! Or maybe Cortina Mk111! One guy recently was looking at the rear 3/4 squinting his eyes and trying to read the ‘Magnette’ badge, but mumbled ‘Maserati’instead! What a compliment! He completely missed the massive MG badge! Love it to bits!

  15. Will M - February 12, 2014


    Looks stunning, the black alloys look great and I think these combined with the ‘chunky’ styling do give it a muscle car look.

  16. Paul Farrell - February 12, 2014

    Cheers. Maybe I’m wearing rose tinted specs, but judging by all the attention and favorable comments the car gets I don’t think I am. I think the muscle car theme is accentuated further by the way the rear window is slightly recessed below the rear pillars in a kind of salute to the 1968/70 Dodge Charger! Rose tinted specs again?!

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