Rapport International

The specialists : Rapport Forté

The specialists : Rapport Forté

You’d be hard-pressed to tell that the stunning Rapport Forté was based on the Jaguar XJ… Folding Jag Long before the likes of the Mercedes-Benz SLK and Peugeot 206CC had even been imagined, Chris Humberstone had developed this, the first sports car with a fully retractable hard top. Humberstone stated that, ‘once it was refined […]

The converters : Rapport International

Rapport International was founded by Ian Leaf, a graduate of Ealing Business School. Ian ran a very successful trading business and eventually purchased the goodwill of Chris Humberstone design, employed Chris and successfully sold specialist cars for several years to many high profile clients. The company’s move to Park Lane Mayfair was ill-advised, resulting in […]

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Rapport Ritz

Although it’s not based on an Austin Rover product, we love the Rapport Ritz, and think it makes a fascinating comparison with the equally desirable (and Honda-derived) Avon Triumph Acclaim. In accordance of luxury plans… Rapport continued in the footsteps of the Panther Rio and Avon Triumph Acclaim by taking a bread-and-butter saloon, revising the […]

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Modfied Metros : Rapport Metro

While several companies were quick to start tuning the Metro, Rapport were the first offer a soft-top version. Rapport took a novel approach to maintaining structural rigidity, by leaving half of the rear side windows in place. This gave the car an unusual, though not unattractive, appearance, which to a certain extent predicted the look […]