Video : Telly Savalas looks at Birmingham


Keith Adams It’s difficult to decide whether you should laugh or cry watching this video of Telly Savalas’ ‘visit’ to Birmingham. On one hand, his hammy commentary and wonderful backing music are pure comedic genius, but on the other, the modernistic vision of Birmingham circa 1980 is put into sharp relief by how it looks […]

Press Report : SAIC to build Roewe 350 in UK

Hu Sheng, Automotive News Europe, 24th March, 2010 SHANGHAI — Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. plans to build and sell a right-hand drive hatchback version of its newly unveiled Roewe 350 in England, said Chen Zhixin, Executive Vice President of SAIC. Chen, who is also head of SAIC’s own brand vehicles, made the remarks at the ceremony […]