Press Report : MG Rover’s aide in China perplexed by focus on sex

Jonathan Guthrie, Financial Times, 25th September, 2009 Dr. Qu Li says she is being “stoned to death” twice over. First, a report on MG Rover revealed that the car company paid her £1.7m under a contract authorised by a Director who was also briefly her lover. Second, the tabloid media seized on the story, its […]

Press Report : MG Rover Directors claim Brown vetoed £120m loan

Phoenix Four claim Gordon Brown vetoed £120m loan for MGR

Jon Griffin, Birmingham Post, 8th July, 2009 Tony Blair wanted to save Longbridge with a £120 million Government loan but was thwarted at the eleventh hour by then Chancellor Gordon Brown, claim the Phoenix Four. The allegation that Brown “pulled the plug” on the Birmingham car firm in spring 2005 is one of a series of […]

Press Report : MG Rover collapse investigated by Serious Fraud Office

Isabel Oakeshott and Dominic O’Connell, The Sunday Times, 5th July, 2009 The Serious Fraud Office is to investigate the collapse of MG Rover, the Midlands carmaker, after a long-running Government inquiry concluded there were grounds for a criminal investigation. The involvement of the SFO, expected to be confirmed by Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary, in […]

Press Comment : MGR inquiry completed but publication may be delayed

MG Rover enquiry update

Jonathan Walker, Political Editor, Birmingham Post, 26th June, 2009 The inquiry into the collapse of MG Rover has completed its work – but we may still have to wait to discover what it says. My colleagues on the business desk are working on a story reporting that the inquiry into the collapse of MG Rover […]

Press Report : MG Rover inquiry completed after four years

 Jim Pickard, Political Correspondent, Financial Times, 27th June, 2009 The long-awaited inquiry into the collapse of MG Rover has finally been completed* after four years and nearly £16m of taxpayers’ money. The Business Department confirmed Friday night that it had received the findings of the investigation into the demise of the carmaker and said the […]

Press Report : Probe into Rover collapse has cost £14.8m

Jean Eaglesham, Chief Political Correspondent , Financial Times, 15th April, 2009 The nearly four-year inquiry into the collapse of MG Rover has cost taxpayers more than £14.8m with no end in sight, according to official figures released to the Financial Times. Ministers are privately frustrated and embarrassed by the escalating cost of investigating Rover’s demise, […]

Press Report : Former MG Rover executives stall publication of report

Christine Buckley, Industrial Editor, The Times, 8th November, 2008 The former bosses of MG Rover, who made an estimated £40m from the business, have stalled the publication of a Government report into their conduct. The Times has learnt that the inquiry, which was initiated by the former Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), was ready […]