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Rover 800 LWB

Rover 800 LWB

There have been plenty of stretched Rover 800s sold, but did you know that the factory developed one? The long… and short of it IN 1984, Rover and Jaguar parted company in a government-backed privatisation. It left Rover with a real dilemma – to surrender the director’s car market, or try and go head-to-head with […]

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Rover 75 V8 Limousine

THE Rover 75 V8 Limousine was the car they weren’t going to build… When the long wheelbase version of the 75 was unveiled in 2002, the company made it clear that developing a V8-powered rear wheel drive version would be costly, and the limited demand wouldn’t justify the investment. Yet, they built one… Ministerial Rover […]