Essays: Why we love the… Saab 900 Turbo

The legendary 900 Turbo 16S - I want one so bad it hurts.

Another personal insight to those cars that tickle the fancy and stimulate the soul. Mike Humble tells us why the Saab 900 seems so right when so much of it seemed to be so wrong… Whoosh-whistle, whoosh-whistle This week at work, my colleagues and I were talking about our fantasy garage in great depth as […]

Advert of the week : Saab 900 T16S

Saab's advertising was particularly focused during the 1980s...

Keith Adams Only one aircraft manufacturer makes cars Spare a moment for poor old Saab. Over the past three years, the once-proud company has endured a humiliating fall from grace that makes MG Rover’s seem like a pleasant walk in the park. First there was the confusion over its buy-out, then the on-off-on affair with […]