People : Spen King


An interview with the man behind many of the company’s greatest cars – and a few that you might not immediately associate with him…. Interviewed by Keith Adams, 13th December 2002 ROVER had enjoyed a very successful time during the 1950s and 1960s – once the company was swallowed by Leyland, Donald Stokes asked King […]

The cars : Rover SD1 development history


Featuring five-door supercar styling, and some of the nicest engine notes to grace an executive car, the Rover SD1 has a place in the hearts of many car enthusiasts today. However, when it was new, poor build quality, flaky paint, and the poor image of its builder meant that its sales potential went unfulfilled in […]

The cars : Maestro/Montego development story

The cars : Maestro/Montego development story

The Metro started BL on its road to recovery, but if it was going to be a long term thing, then it needed to be followed up by equally popular mid-sized counterparts. However, the Maestro and Montego failed to capitalise on the lead pulled out by the impressive new supermini. Back from the brink? IN […]

The cars : Austin/MG Metro development history

The cars : Austin/MG Metro development history

Launched amid a barrage of patriotic fervour, the Metro was for two brief years, Britain’s most fashionable car – it proved a continued success for the company, too, racking up over two million sales during its 17-year production run. Sadly, its success alone was never going to be enough to stop BL falling further behind […]

Archive : New team for BLMC’s car division

British Leyland – has had to stop, production of Allegro, Maxi, Marina, 18/22 and some Triumph models because no suspension units are available. Output on Mini models, which was restarted last week after Leyland shipped back to Birmingham stocks of suspension units which had previously been exported to an assembly plant in Milan, is expected […]

People : Spen King interview

David Bache-Spen King-Gordon Bashford

Into the future, with Spen King ‘The next Rover model will be very much a Rover car. It will be better than previous Rovers. A lot better, actually.’ Rover-Triumph head of engineering, Spen King (below centre), talks to Philip Turner about the company’s future model plans.  Interview, June 1974, Motor magazine. When British Leyland was formed, […]