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Modified Metros : Frazer-Tickford

Frazer established itself as a new car company in 1981, offering this fabulous-looking Tickford Metro.

The Tickford name was owned by Aston Martin, whose engineers and stylists designed this car. The scope of the conversion echoed that of the later Tickford Capri…

Frazer Tickford Metro

The Northamptonshire based company teamed up with Tickford Coachbuilding to build this most bespoke version of the Metro. Mechanical mods were limited to a new Weber carburettor, allowing the A-Plus engine to produce 80bhp, but this really was not the car’s raison d’etre. The interior was lavishly trimmed with an almost obscene amount of leather – a bespoke hi-fi system complimented the set-up, and externally, the car received a pretty successful body-kit and exotic Pirelli P7 tyres.

The result was a success: the car was refined, yet fun to drive and it also managed to look a million dollars. In a way, it almost did: On the road price was listed at £11,600, which may not sound like mega-bucks now, but in 1982, that kind of money would have also bought you a Reliant Scimitar GTE or Ford Granada 2.8i.

Pictures: Peter Melville, Richard David Nener and Robin Siggs

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  1. Manny says:

    A modern day equivalent is the Aston Martin Cygnet. A bit like over developing a house situated in un-desirable area

  2. Duncan Duncan Macrae says:

    I wonder how many survive? I know that Tickford Capris command big money now , I wonder how much these are worth?

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