BL Aquila prototype at the 1973 London Motor Show (Picture: Shahin,
Austin Maxi (ADO14)

Concepts and prototypes : Maxi-based Aquila

The biggest criticism normally aimed at the Maxi – other than the early model’s obstructive gearchange – is usually reserved for its plain Jane styling. The Aquila showed how it could have been made into a far more stylish beast. Alas, it was only ever to be a one-off styling exercise. […]

Austin Maxi (ADO14)

Buying Guide : Austin Maxi

The Austin Maxi has the honourable distinction of being Sir Alec Issigonis’ final production car – and just like the Mini and 1100 before it, the Maxi boasted an extremely advanced spec sheet.

Keith Adams takes a look at this oft-misunderstood car and highlights the good… and the bad. […]

Austin Maxi (ADO14)

Why we love the… Maxi 1750

What better car to transport a Moulton bicycle than one that’s Moulton-suspended? Richard Plaxton explains… “What an earth possessed me to buy this car?” is a thought that crosses my mind, soon after taking possession […]