Marques : MG

Ask anyone with even the most cursory knowledge of classics to name their favourite cars, and you can guarantee that the MG name will come up time and time again. Keith Adams takes a short tour through the history of this great marque… […]

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Blog : MG3 – Taking another look…

Let’s get this out of the way first, so you know exactly where I stand – I like the MG3. There, I said it. It’s a statement that needs to be made after the recent pasting I gave the revised MG6 because of the large question marks over its viability, quality and long term residuals. I concluded that it’s a difficult purchase to really recommend… So the more positive message about the MG3 should bode well for its chances. […]

MG concepts

Concepts and prototypes : MGF during the MGA era

Steve Harper has a fundamental role in the genesis of the MGF, which under his direction was transformed from a neat little roadster, lacking a splash of creativity, to a shapely new-age sports car that shouted its mid-engined layout from the rooftops. In his own words, Steve walks us through the design changes he made. […]