Concepts and prototypes

In-house designs : Rover R6X

After Rover pulled the plug on the promising AR6 programme, Design Director Roy Axe decided that a light rebody of the upcoming K-series Metro was required to keep it selling. Few would have predicted it ended up looking as good as it did. Shame they never built it. […]


In-house designs : Austin AR6

We’ve talked about the Austin AR6 a lot in relation with the company’s development in the mid-1980s, and its march towards privatisation. Here is the car’s full story – from the glint in its designer’s eye to the moment it was cancelled. Would this Ford Fiesta rival have been a success, or was Rover right to stick with the Metro? […]

Rover 200/25/MG ZR

The cars : Rover 200 BRM LE

Mention the words Limited Edition and instantly visions of a poverty spec supermini spring to mind with snazzy wheel trims, an aftermarket sunroof, a silly stripe down the sides and a stupid name (Renault 19 Be Bop anyone?). Thankfully, the Rover 200 BRM LE fits none of the above. […]


The cars : Roewe 750 development history

Updated: The story of the Rover 75-based Roewe 750. It had rather a lot of British input into it. That’s because it was developed by a number of ex-MG Rover engineers in the UK. But it was also based on an ill-fated plan to facelift the Rover 75 in 2006. Shame we never had a chance to buy it in Britain… […]

In production

History : Rover 75 moves from Cowley to Longbridge

Following BMW’s disposal of the Rover Group in 2000, production of the then-new 75 needed moving from Cowley to Longbridge. Here’s the amazing story of how it happened, as recounted by Ian Elliott back in 2000, and produced for the then fledgling MG Rover PR Department. It makes fascinating reading to this day, and shows just how seemingly insurmountable logistical mountains can be climbed. […]