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Concepts and prototypes : Chrysler C Car

The Chrysler 180 was a bitter-sweet story for Chrysler Europe, and although the original British style was pleasant enough, there was a degree of internal controversy about it.

Soon after its launch, Whitley went about producing a restyle scheme; here are pictures of two coupe proposals and a saloon facelift. None of these saw the light of day…

Pictures kindly suppled by Roy Axe.

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3 Comments on "Concepts and prototypes : Chrysler C Car"

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  1. Chris Sawyer says:

    It is amazing how much the coupe looks like the 3-door Chevrolet Vega.

  2. Graham says:

    I guess the coupe was seen as a replacement for the rapier.

  3. Bernard Taylor says:

    There are hints of the Tagora front in the lower facelift model, I’d say.

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