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Concepts and prototypes : Rover SD1, concept 3

Some images from the projects that produced the Rover SD1…

The winning proposal

The winning proposal – the SD1 as we know it today. This version managed to maintain the five-door layout of the others, but with the extra dimension of genuine style. The character clearly comes from the details: sweeping side indicators, side swage lines and the dipped belt line. Clearly, this was David Bache at his best. (Note the low loading lip in the top picture – intentional?)

Wind tunnel model

Interior sketches

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  1. Chris Sawyer says:

    It’s a shame this car wasn’t built with the quality it deserved, and regularly updated. With the proper materials and, dare I say it?, a true sedan variant, this would have been enough to cause people to think twice about a BMW.

  2. Hilton Davis says:

    Interesting as always to follow the transition in SD1 car design from concept 1 to 3. Often I prefer the earlier stage images but on this occasion I think concept 3’s development deserved to reach production – as it did.

  3. paul simpson says:

    My favourite car, ive had 2, 1 x 2600 & 1 x 3500, ace.

  4. francis brett francis brett says:

    still a beautiful car,id like a twin plenum vitesse before i die!

  5. I still miss my Rover SD1’s, I had an 82 2000 model and a last off the line 2600 model, both in Moonraker Blue (Easily one of the SD1’s best colours).

    Only my Citroen C5 comes close in ride quality and comfort (And size!), though I still hold on to my Rover roots with my MG TF.

    A shame the car is gone though, and not so many left on the roads these days.

  6. KeithB says:

    I’ve said it many times on here before, this has got to be one of the finest mainstream car designs ever!

  7. Darren says:

    A truly beautiful car and one of my favourites, but one where form came before function.
    The interior was too cramped for an executive car- especially in the rear seat, and the design of the rear doors meant the window glass could only be lowered half way!
    Three or four more inches in the wheelbase could have made the car a whole lot better.

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