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Concepts and prototypes : Triplex 10-20 Glassback

This car is an AROnline favourite, and this one still exists at the British Motor Heritage Centre at Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Original 1978 Motor Show handout.

Original 1978 Motor Show handout.

4 Comments on "Concepts and prototypes : Triplex 10-20 Glassback"

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  1. JonBoy says:

    Have seen this many times in Gaydon, and i still think that with a little tweaking here and there it could still be a relevant car today.

  2. Mikey C says:

    Quite cool looking, the front end looks quite sporty too.

    I love the fact that it is described as the “Austin Morris Princess”, what a complete shambles BL made of their badging around this time!

  3. Nate says:

    A pity the Princess never received a similar front-end treatment to the Triplex 10-20 Glassback from the outset (along with a hatchback and other bodystyles, more potent engines, etc.) as it looks quite appealing compared to the original.

  4. Robin Vanags says:

    It’s bold & imaginative (the ‘chevron’ rear indicator design for example. Agree with JonBoy, it needs a little tidying-up here & there, but having seen it at B.M.I.H.T., Gaydon in the late-nineties, I’m pleased to encounter it again in the new Collections Centre at the re-named British Motor Museum.

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