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Events : AROnline’s 10th Anniversary bash (updated)

Keith Adams

Join AROnline for its 10th anniversary bash at Gaydon.

Join AROnline for its 10th Anniversary bash at Gaydon.

The anniversary gathering is still scheduled for Saturday 16 July at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon and you’re all invited. I’ll be there with my Rover SD1 and will be on-hand to answer any questions and talk about the creation of, and its development into AROnline.

We’ll also be talking about what the future holds in store.

Bring your car – whatever it is – and come along to say ‘hi’. The event takes place from 10.00am to 5.00pm and the museum is offering a full English breakfast at the discounted rate of £7.20 to all people visiting through AROnline as well as a discounted entrance fee of £8.00, which you can pay directly to them.

We’ll be touring the exhibits and then there will be a short talk about the site in the museum’s cinema, as well as a special surprise guest. We’ll be giving a small prize for the owner of the coolest, best or most interesting Car of the Day and there will also be a general knowledge quiz, the winner of which will get themselves a prize that money can’t buy. Please let us know you’re coming (and whether you’re having breakfast) on here or via AROnline’s Facebook page so we can confirm numbers to Gaydon.

However, if you don’t know yet, no problems, just turn up on the day!

Event Timetable:

Location: Heritage Motor Centre, reserved parking for AROnline events.

Restaurant opens for full English breakfast.

Museum tour commences. Meet in the entrance outside the restaurant. Keith Adams will lead the tour informally –  all questions welcome.

General knowledge quiz in the museum’s cinema

Talk by mystery guest to be given in the museum’s cinema.

Car of the Event winner to be announced and prizes given out…

For more information, visit

Keith Adams

Keith Adams

Editor and creator AROnline at AROnline
Created in 2001 and built it to become the world's foremost reference source for all things BMC, Leyland and Rover Group, before renaming it AROnline in 2007.

Is the Editor of the Parkers website and price guide, formerly editor of Classic Car Weekly, and launch editor/creator of Modern Clsssics magazine. Has contributed to various motoring titles including Octane, Practical Classics, Evo, Honest John, CAR magazine, Autocar, Pistonheads, Diesel Car, Practical Performance Car, Performance French Car, Car Mechanics, Jaguar World Monthly, MG Enthusiast, Modern MINI, Practical Classics, Fifth Gear Website, Radio 4, and the the Motoring Independent...

Likes 'conditionally challenged' motors and taking them on unfeasable adventures all across Europe.
Keith Adams

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31 Comments on "Events : AROnline’s 10th Anniversary bash (updated)"

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  1. Paul O'Neill says:

    Hi, I plan on coming in my Morris Minor – it will great to do a tour of the exhibits and here some anecdotes. Cheers, Paul.

  2. Tim_Burgess Tim Burgess says:

    We’ll be there, hopefully in the 75. We’ve booked the hotel for Friday and Saturday.

  3. Ralph Ralph says:

    I wish that I could join you…

  4. Simon Woodward says:

    I wouldn’t miss this event for the world – now what to wear, Landy or Jag?

  5. Phil Huff says:

    The other half and I will be there. Sadly, though, I won’t be driving anything interesting to Gaydon.

  6. I’m going to be there but am not sure what I’ll be in yet – I’m going away for a couple of days beforehand and am not sure I want to be leaving Tara in public car parks…

  7. Karl says:

    I’m hoping to attend with my 75.

  8. Peter-109 says:

    I’ll be coming in my Jaguar and will probably bring my dad. I’m looking forward to it!

  9. Mike Humble Mike Humble says:

    The run up to Gaydon will be a good chance to blow the cobwebs out of the 420iL.

  10. Rob C Rob C says:

    Sadly, it’s looking like I won’t be able to make it – the lack of vehicle makes it awkward. 😮

  11. Starbug2 says:

    Bev and I are still coming – the question is do we take the Rover or the MGF?

  12. Well, although my SD1 “NYE 831Y” will not be there, I will be. I’m looking forward to it – there was such a variety last time!

  13. David Dawson says:

    I’m still planning on being there in my 75. I will have to get a B&B sorted! Oh, and the MoT is due on the 28th July. I’ll get it done early before the event.

  14. Andrew Elphick says:

    The last time I visted Gaydon was in a Mercedes and this time I might quite possibly be in a BMW. Could you do the lynching quietly please?

  15. Keith Adams Keith Adams says:

    @Andrew Elphick
    Hey, I could yet turn up in an Alfa Romeo. 😉


  16. Trevor says:

    £7.25 for breakfast? Are they serious?? Is it on gold plates, with the finest silver cutlery and linen tablecloths, served by Amazonian godesses? If the latter, count me in.

  17. Keith Adams Keith Adams says:

    Obviously, breakfast is optional. 🙂


  18. KenS Ken Strachan says:

    Well, for £7.24 my Filipina goddess will do you a bacon butty in the car park. Seriously, we hope to be there with the Mondeo in its Sunday suit.

  19. Richard Kilpatrick Richard Kilpatrick says:

    I’m planning on bringing the 114 Cabrio. I might also bring an SD1, but not of the Rover variety. 🙂

  20. David Dawson says:

    @David Dawson
    I’m still on course to come – I’ve got my car booked for its MoT on the 4th July at a rather interesting, specialist Land Rover Service Centre I’ve discovered just five or ten minutes walk from work. Now, do I book a B&B or bring the tent?!

  21. Tom Morley says:

    I will definitely be there in one of the Metros.

  22. Steve Reay says:

    I can’t be there on the day, but have a great time. The Heritage Motor Centre is a fabulous place and AROnline’s the best car website around so what more could anyone want!

  23. Simon Woodward says:

    I’ll be bringing myself and my Land Rover – I may even treat it to a quick wash!

  24. Andrew Elphick says:

    @Andrew Elphick
    You will be pleased to know that the BMW failed to proceed on the M25 yesterday, so panic averted! I might bring a Kia instead…

  25. Mike Gould says:

    I’ll be there – I might even fork out (!) for the gold-plated breakfast. No classic though – just my Range Rover Sport!

  26. KenS Ken Strachan says:

    @Ken Strachan
    Oh dear, a breakfast price war has broken out. We’ll do breakfast for £7.19 – not really. See you all tomorrow…

  27. Tim Pearson says:

    Some old metal will be there – I’ll bring the P4 complete with its almost as old owner. I may not be able to get there until late morning, though.

  28. Angus Huntley says:

    Sounds like an excelent day, I intend to be there, although this may not be until mid morning as I am relying on public transport to get there from North West London. Please say hi to both me and my guide dog Kira if you see us – perhaps I should consider renaming her “Princess” in honour of the day. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reaquainting myself with some BL metal from the 70’s and 80’s which is the era I
    remember, and also meeting some of you from AR online.


  29. David Dawson says:

    I was really looking forward to coming but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it after all.
    I’ll have to make do with a couple of local classic car shows.

  30. David Dawson says:

    @David Dawson
    Have a great day folks!!

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