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Events : AROnline celebrates 10 years online

Keith Adams 

Join AROnline's 10th birthday party in July

Join AROnline's 10th Birthday Party in July

AROnline is 10 years old in 2011! That’s something to celebrate so we’re holding a birthday party and you’re all invited. We’re getting together on Saturday 16 July and, because the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon is the spiritual home of the website, where much of its early research was undertaken, it’s only right to have our birthday party there… 

The plan is to meet at Gaydon for 10am, have a tour of the cars on display, where Keith Adams will be on hand to hopefully answer all the toughest questions about Austin Rover’s past (without getting too depressed). The Heritage Motor Centre’s cars tend to be rotated, so we can’t guarantee what will be on display in advance, but we’ll try and liaise with the management to ensure the more interesting prototypes with the most interesting stories will be there to talk about. Entry to the museum will be at a specially reduced rate for people attending our birthday party. 

We’re hoping to have a few special guests on the day – one of whom will, hopefully, cut the cake – and will let you know who they are nearer the time. 

More information will be added to this page once it’s clear what numbers we’re dealing with and what dates look best. For now, please register your interest below and we’ll get things underway. 

See you on 16 July! 

Join AROnline's 10th birthday party in July

Join AROnline's 10th birthday party in July

Heritage Motor Centre website

Keith Adams

Keith Adams

Editor and creator AROnline at AROnline
Created in 2001 and built it to become the world's foremost reference source for all things BMC, Leyland and Rover Group, before renaming it AROnline in 2007.

Is the Editor of the Parkers website and price guide, formerly editor of Classic Car Weekly, and launch editor/creator of Modern Clsssics magazine. Has contributed to various motoring titles including Octane, Practical Classics, Evo, Honest John, CAR magazine, Autocar, Pistonheads, Diesel Car, Practical Performance Car, Performance French Car, Car Mechanics, Jaguar World Monthly, MG Enthusiast, Modern MINI, Practical Classics, Fifth Gear Website, Radio 4, and the the Motoring Independent...

Likes 'conditionally challenged' motors and taking them on unfeasable adventures all across Europe.
Keith Adams
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85 Comments on "Events : AROnline celebrates 10 years online"

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  1. Wilko says:

    I’m up for that (commitments of my job and its unsociable hours notwithstanding). Will definitely do my best to be there.

  2. Alex Sebbinger says:

    Goes without saying – I’ll be there.

  3. Rhyds says:

    I’ll have some of that. Will we be retiring to a hostelry for an evening of drinks and cake?

  4. Craig MGR says:

    Count me in. It’s always good to meet up with other like-minded people.

  5. Andrew says:

    I shall be there with bells on. Oh, we’ll also need to have a pub lunch somewhere en route… 😀

  6. Wilko says:

    By the way, to whom does the rather fetching turqoise TR7 belong then?

  7. Jonathan Carling says:

    Sounds good to me. I will bring my historic 2004 Fiesta, unless I can half-inch something more appropriate from any willing acquaintances.

  8. Andycolm says:

    Aye, sounds like a good day out – dates permitting I will be there.

  9. Confirm the date and I can then confirm if I’m able to attend! 😛

  10. Simon Woodward says:

    I’ll be there – I need to buy Clive a pint for the hard work he has correcting my grammar. Better bring plenty of money then!

  11. Starbug2 says:

    Great, subject to the date, I’ll be interested.

  12. Richard Kilpatrick says:

    If possible, absolutely!

  13. Simon says:

    I will definitely be coming to Gaydon. Do I bring my MG ZT or my Jaguar XJ6? Sounds like a day to remember and a chance to meet up with Keith again.

  14. Karl says:

    Sounds great… Hope to be able to make it to this meet.

  15. Ajax Soixantedix says:

    An excellent idea! I’d love to be there – pencil me in.

  16. Well, I’m up for AROnline’s 10th Birthday Party too. I’m hoping, though, that Keith can avoid a date clash with Wimbledon Finals Weekend on the 2nd/3rd July, 2011 – my other half would definitely have something to say about that!

    Hopefully, some more past and present members of the Editorial Team and other AROnline Contributors will be there on the day as well…

  17. Eamonn says:

    Count me in please. 🙂

  18. Brian says:

    Looking forward to it – should be an interesting day.

  19. Chris Mills says:

    I hope to be there. 😉

  20. ChrisM (f1_mw) says:

    I’ll be there, date permitting.

  21. James Read says:

    I don’t have a ‘British’ car of interest but have always followed AROnline.

    However, if I could be there for the start and see you all off, that would be great.


    (Harnessed to a Company Car)

  22. SlantFour says:

    Looks go to me but, if possible, make it early in the month – school holidays etc.

  23. Rob C says:

    I shall put myself in as a provisional for now, vehicle dependant. I’m sure turning up in a Ford would be frowned upon!

  24. Keith Adams says:

    It’s the people who are important, not the cars…


  25. Rich J says:

    I’m in that picture with my coupe!

    I’d love to me able to make the meet in July, just depends on dates!

  26. Julian Mildren says:

    Yep – up for that – especially after visiting Gaydon for the first time last week. Now, do I bring the Rover or the Triumph?

  27. Zeuss101 says:

    I’ll be there.

  28. Tim P says:

    Must get this in the diary before other commitments roll in.

  29. Ayd says:

    Great stuff. Will bring the family to help indoctrinate them into the way of AROnline – especially since those kids are the reason I had to sell my TR7 (pictured at the top of the page)!

  30. Peterover says:

    I’ll be there, sounds like a fun day out.

    Crikey ten years already!! So much has happened in that time… Who would have thought back then that MGR would be no more and that what’s left – Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI and MG – would, whilst fragmented and under foreign ownership, be doing better than ever imaginable?

    Oh, and as for Keith – older and wiser perhaps. 🙂

  31. Ian says:

    Count me in. Any Sunday in July is good right now.

  32. Peter-109 says:

    I will be there with Dad if his hip replacement doesn’t clash! Oh, and if it doesn’t clash with Sonisphere or the Silverstone Classic.

  33. Tidus72 says:

    Count me in please. 🙂

  34. Chris W says:

    I’ve recently fulfilled an ambition by buying a Series 1 (1977) 3500 SD1 in Yellow… Would be great to come along – I will keep my eyes peeled for the date! Cheers.

  35. Sam Skelton says:

    Count me in if I can get down and back.

  36. Guzzibasher says:

    I’ll come – are LDVs allowed?!

  37. Richard Truett says:

    I’m there – if I can get away from work. How much fun does this sound like? Loads.

    Richard Truett

  38. Paul T says:

    Depending on dates, I will try and make it.

  39. Richard Truett :
    I’m there – if I can get away from work. How much fun does this sound like? Loads.

    Richard Truett

    Now, if you manage to pull that off, there will be no excuse for most of us…

  40. Mike Humble says:

    @Clive Goldthorp
    I more than likely will wander up.

  41. Greg Widger says:

    Looks good to me, count me in!

  42. Richard Truett says:

    We’re in — tentatively.

    Someone from the U.S. needs to show up in person and thank Keith for creating and nurturing the best site of its type this galaxy has ever seen.

    So, if me and Christie come all the way from soggy, sad old Detroit, there’d be no excuse for anyone else not to show up.


  43. @Richard Truett
    Richard, that’s great news. Here’s hoping that you can turn that tentative into a definite now that Keith has finalised the date.

  44. Sam Skelton says:

    Well, now we have a date, I’m pretty much definitely in – I can combine AROnline’s 10th Birthday celebrations with those of my own 20th!

  45. Richard Truett says:

    I just wish I could bring my TR8 with me…

  46. Starbug2 says:

    I’m a maybe at this point.

  47. Richard Kilpatrick says:

    Keith Adams :
    It’s the people who are important, not the cars…

    That’s good, ’cause I don’t have a C6 for you to play with anymore and, if I make it to July without setting fire to this MGF, I’ll be impressed…

    (!@&*(££*ing emissions-mandated nonsense Lambda probes)

  48. John Kelly says:

    I’m in! Looking forward to it.

  49. James says:

    I’m in.

  50. Steve says:

    I’m 99% sure I can make it.

  51. Ralph Hosier says:

    Not to be missed! See you there. 🙂

  52. Can we move it to June? We’ve a baby due on 11th July – might be awkward to make the 16th…

  53. Paul Kenny says:

    Wish I could be there!

    Have a great day.

    Paul and Kate
    Victoria, Australia
    Rover 827 Sterling
    Rover Quintet

  54. Andrew Elphick says:

    @Matt Richardson
    …and interfere with the Le Mans 24Hrs?

  55. Dickie524 says:

    16th July! D’oh! I’ll have to ask my mate to move his Wedding then, shall I?

  56. Bumcake says:

    Think I could make it if the little old Rover is ready. 🙁

  57. I would love to go but would be embarrassed to show my face in my banger.

  58. @Nathan Williams
    Well, as Keith has already said above,’it’s the people who are important, not the cars…’

  59. Andrew Elphick says:

    @Nathan Williams
    I’d echo Clive’s comment – I think you will find this site’s creator to be a “car” enthusiast, rather than a “BL or death nutter” so the more variety the better. After all, we all secretly like the opposition. I hope so anyway!

  60. Gez Revell says:

    Looking forward to it – hope to be there.

  61. Simon Woodward says:

    Andrew Elphick :
    @Nathan Williams

    I’d echo Clive’s comment – I think you will find this site’s creator to be a “car” enthusiast, rather than a “BL or death nutter” so the more variety the better. After all, we all secretly like the opposition. I hope so anyway!

    That’s good because my two working modern classics are a bit Germanic!

  62. SSCooperS says:

    I’ll try my best to be there – I’ve been a long time lurker on the site and forum. 🙂

  63. David Dawson says:

    I will be there in my 75 if the date suits – that basically means if it’s one of the alternate weekends I DON’T have my daughter. I’m afraid that, at the age of 11, her appreciation of all things AROnline isn’t quite as great as mine – yet!!

  64. John Griffiths says:

    I hope to be there.

  65. Andrew Elphick says:

    @Simon Woodward

  66. David Dawson says:

    A closer look at the calender and the 16th July is looking almost definite!!!

  67. Tim Burgess says:

    I’m definitely interested, subject to work commitments. The 75 could do with a good long run. The date coincides with my own birthday!

  68. Tom Morley says:

    I’d love to come along and bring one of my Metros or the Allegro.

  69. Jason JZed says:

    I’ll be there in my 2004 ZS!

  70. Alejandro Caceres says:

    Count me in! I’m planning a July trip to the UK anyway so I may be able to attend too.

  71. Jon says:

    I’m still a maybe at the moment. However, after the great time I had with the MG6s last week, it would be nice to get a catch up with what’s happening at Gaydon.

  72. Tim says:

    Sounds superb… Will try my best, shift/shift swap dependent.

  73. Starbug2 says:

    Well, subject to anything unforeseen, the wife and I are okay for the date in July and are looking forward to attending the party.

  74. Purpletomcat says:

    Sounds like a great day…

  75. Tomflyinghat says:

    This sounds like a brilliant idea from my favourite website, visiting my favourite museum in the UK. Despite a long drive, I will be there!

  76. Vava1 says:

    It’s going to be an interesting day!

    What time do you call ‘breakfast’? Oh, and is there an itinerary yet?

  77. Andy Lloyd says:

    I will definitely be there as the Heritage Motor Centre is my favourite museum and it should be a great day. However, I will be arriving in an Italian car, though. Will I be barred??

  78. Mark Dunn says:

    Gaydon is just down the road from me, so I will hopefully be there.

  79. Phil Simpson says:

    We should be making an appearance – petrol prices permitting!

  80. Mike Gould says:

    Sounds great – I’ll be there!!

  81. George says:

    Great to know that AROnline’s Birthday Party is, coincidently, on the same day as my birthday. However, flying in from Asia would only be possible if the person who signs my paycheque was considerate enough to spare me the leave and throw in an airline ticket. Unfortunately, that happens only… never. Happy Birthday! Cheers!

  82. Starbug2 says:

    I’m still up for this and so is my wife.

  83. Tim Burgess says:

    Well, it looks like we’re definitely coming. Just looking at booking hotel(s) for the Friday and Saturday nights.

  84. Geoff says:

    Is AROnline’s 10th Birthday gathering still on? There’s no mention of it on the Heritage Motor Centre’s website under Events…

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