When BMC led the world

History : The BMC story – Part Four : 1962 – Big Brother Arrives

Ian Nicholls, AROnline’s historian-in-residence, recounts the history of the British Motor Corporation (BMC). He follows up his excellent run-down of the British Motor Holdings and British Leyland stories with an eight-part study of BMC from 1959 to 1966.  Here, in part four, we look back at 1962 – the year of the BMC 1100 – and set the scene with what appeared to be huge and unstoppable success for its maker… […]


Essay : The 1980s and ’90s at Land Rover

Former engineer Nigel Garton recalls his time spent working at Land Rover – a time of great change, and development for the company. The years of 1982-1994 were turbulent years at Land Rover, and ultimately saw the company grow massively. Here’s the view of a man in the engineering department… […]