William Towns

The Converters : Towns Hustler

Built around a pair of Mini subframes connected by a low-slung, monocoque steel floorpan, its lower body panels and clamshell bonnet were formed from fibreglass, while its upper-body styling mated a rakish front end to a boxy, hatchback-style rear framework filled with large panes of glass, and topped off with the a vinyl-covered roof fashioned from marine-grade plywood. […]

BMC 1100/1300 (ADO16)

Radford 1100s

Details of the Radford-converted 1100s are still quite sketchy, but on this page we have tried to pull together what is currently known. ALONGSIDE its much better-known Mini de Ville conversions, Radford also fitted out […]

Rover SD1

Rover Prestige

Borrowing its name from the Citroën CX, the Rover Prestige was Wood & Pickett’s luxury version of the SD1… WITH Minis and Range Rovers already under their belt, Wood & Pickett next added the Rover […]