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Crayford TR7 Tracer

Crayford sought to produce a more practical version of the TR7…

By the mid-1970s Crayford had established itself as Britiain’s foremost producer of estate and convertible versions of mass-produced cars. When they turned their attention to the TR7, they might have been expected to produce a convertible – particularly as BL’s own drop-top would not arrive for several years – but, instead they came up with this rather awkward-looking sporting estate. On the plus side, it meant that the car gained a folding rear seat, making it a 2+2. Around the same time, BL was also working on its own 3-door, 2+2 version of the TR7, codenamed Lynx, but neither this nor the later Broadside project ever saw the light of day.

Oddly enough, the same fate befell the Tracer. The job had been commissioned by BL dealers Page Ltd (hence the logo on the side of the car) and, had it ever entered production, the car would have competed with the likes of the Reliant Scimitar and Lancia HPE. However, the project folded after only a handful of prototypes had been completed and it is thought that just one example survives today.

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  1. Claire says:

    Hideous! I think the standard FHC and DHC TR7 look fab though. Wasted opportunity I think

  2. John says:

    Really nice idea, terrible execution!

  3. H.Jones says:

    Anybody see a hint of Citroën DS3 in the rear? With some tweaks, this could have worked. DS3 meets RX-8.

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