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News : JLR announces Coronation Festival partnership


As the only automotive manufacturer to hold all three Royal Warrants, it’s fitting that Jaguar Land Rover is will be the official motor partner for the Royal Preview of the Coronation Festival on 11 July.

The Coronation Festival, which takes place in the gardens of Buckingham Palace on 11-14 July, is a celebration of innovation, excellence and industry through trade and craft. Uniquely, it will be the first time that more than 200 companies who hold Royal Warrants of Appointment are brought together on this scale,to showcase their goods, services and skills.

With a prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation for the patented Terrain Response System and a further Queen’s Award for Enterprise, Jaguar Land Rover has affirmed its position as an automotive visionary.

Dr Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover’s Chief Executive Officer said: ‘Jaguar and Land Rover were each granted their first Royal Warrants in 1951, a year before The Queen ascended the Throne. We are honoured and delighted to be celebrating this long and unbroken relationship by supporting the Coronation Festival.’

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Keith Adams

Keith Adams

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19 Comments on "News : JLR announces Coronation Festival partnership"

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  1. Will M says:

    Any chance of a new Jaguar ‘Daimler’ limo?

    The VW Bentley is getting on a bit now.

  2. Ken Strachan says:

    Love the 18/85 in the top shot. Shame the roof fell off the XJ.

  3. Hilton D says:

    Very appropriate cars! Didn’t the Queen also drive a Cresta PC Estate car at Sandringham in the 1960’s (as seen on the TV documentry “Royal Family”)?

  4. maestrowoff says:

    What ever happened to that lovely open top (Daimler?) XJ6?

  5. David 3500 says:

    @ Hilton D:

    Her Majesty also drove numerous examples of the Rover P5 saloon in both 3-litre and P5B 3.5-litre form, which was apparently her favourite car to drive.

    One does think one’s chauffeur should visit Sandringham and bring one’s black Rover 3-litre saloon to the celebration. After all, one did grant a Royal Warrant to the Rover Company Ltd for its fine motor cars during one’s early days as the Sovereign to one’s country. (Impression now over).

  6. Andycolm says:

    There is a film of her driving an old manual box V8 defender in an expert way somewhere too.

  7. bajan dave says:

    Yes indeed – what did happen to that unique Jag shown in the first photograph? Is it in a museum somewhere?

  8. Alex says:

    Time to dust down the Daimler name!

  9. WarrenL says:

    Time to dust down the Rover name! To think that a proud marque capable of receiving the Royal Warrant was mishandled so atrociously by successive subsequent overlords.

  10. Aidan Fisher says:

    @ Hilton
    “Didn’t the Queen also drive a Cresta PC Estate car”
    Yes–she nearly ran me down when I stepped in front of the car at a polo match at Windsor Great Park. I was a student at the time at a local college and we used to go up to the polo ground to see how the other half lived! Minimal security in those days–nearly getting run over caused no reaction at all by anyone!!

  11. Reuver 200 says:

    The photo with the Jaguar limo was taken in Mauritius during a state visit in 1972. I guess the Queen needed an open top car to withstand the tropical heat!

  12. Timbo says:

    Does that mean AW Audi will have a presence there too as I’ve lost count how many times Prince Charles has stepped out of a big Audi? Protocol would never allow that a few years ago.

    I also notice the Royal security convoy use VW Transporters, Audi estates and that big ugly Q7 thing. I wonder if Ms Mercle has ever been seen wafting around in an XJ when on official duty?

  13. Glenn Aylett says:

    I can maybe understand in the past why the royals became less keen on British cars, particularly mass produced ones, but now surely Jaguar Land Rover produce cars that are just as good as their German counterparts and also why not one of the royals buy a Nissan Qashqai, which would be a massive vote of confidence in the Sunderland factory.

  14. alex scott says:

    @ Glenn Aylett – re Nissan Qashqai I might be wrong but I suspect the “By Appointment” title might perhaps be in exchange for a “Substantial Gift” to the Royal Family in the form of an expensive car or two… alex

  15. Julian Mildren says:

    How about dusting off the Wolsey name – is that a Wolsey landcrab I see in the backgroud?

  16. Dominic says:

    Someone must know what became of that lovely Series 1 XJ6, for the benefit of the uncertain that is what it is..

  17. Glenn Aylett says:

    Well I’m sure the Qashqai is just as capable as the Audi crossover and cheaper to buy and own. It is time the royals led by example and bought British cars again.

  18. SimonW says:

    Not just the Royals. We are dealing with Hull City Council Fleet Department and Humberside Police and neither seem remotely interested in buying British or even have an awareness that their salaries are paid out of the public purse and buying foreign is undermining jobs, taxes and public services. Patriotism as in France is long gone. Shame on them and the attitude that has allowed that to happen.

  19. David 3500 says:

    @ SimonW:

    I am pleased to advise you that since July 2003, Exeter City Council has used a 6-door Rover 75 Limousine as its official car. When Her Majesty the Queen visited the University of Exeter last year to officially open a new building, it was the sight of her Bentley and the Mayor of Exeter’s Rover 75 that created the most interest. Not the collection of Mercedes Benz saloons and an Audi A8 used by the University for transporting its own dignitary in.

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