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Fluid Fun

Alexander Boucke

Early morning, Saturday, somewhere in the west of Germany, the birds start to sing.

Can’t sleep. Looks like the sun will be out – decide to go for a drive.

Select car – that’ll do:

Leaving town the sun comes out.

Morning sun is so nice – driving further south.

After a break, the road changes – no markings, no oncoming traffic?

No speed limits?

Now the fun starts…

Late morning, Saturday, somewhere in the west of Germany, an A-series starts to sing…

Alexander Boucke

Based in Aachen, Germany, Alexander has had BMC>ARG cars around him since birth - in fact his earliest childhood memories are from buying a new Landcrab with his family at the age of two. The new cars have aged to classic cars and a few more have joined the family fleet - most of them by now proper classics and many with Hydrolastic or Hydragas suspension. Alexander joined the AROnline team back in 2002 when helping out to get some facts right on the Austin 3 Litre.

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5 Comments on "Fluid Fun"

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  1. Rusty says:

    What time did you get? 😀

  2. aboucke says:

    Didn’t time it, but reading the clock it took about 13-14min per lap.

  3. What did the lady of the house say when you borrowed her car to set a lap record somewhere in Germany??

  4. aboucke says:


    she knew where I was heading, and the car’s owner knew where I was heading 🙂

    Karin’s automatic would have been less fun and on many stretches not been able to reach the chassis’ limits – particular uphills…

  5. James Anness says:

    Hee hee! I plan to do the same thing with one of my Volvo estates in August 😉

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