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Mike Humble


As many of you may be aware, respected automotive engineer Ian Pogson until a few months back, has been the public face of MG Motor in the UK, China and to the British dealer network. His seemingly tireless enthusiasm for all things BLARG is well regarded and despite moving on to pastures new with Jaguar Land Rover, his driveway still consists of a good sprinkling of MG product that includes a brace of MG3, his TF and the above ZT-T.

After giving in to his wife’s desire for a used Land Rover Evoque, his long serving MG ZT-T +120 (1.8) has become surplus to requirements. I was in fact offered this vehicle recently and was tempted, but my very own “she who must be obeyed” ordered me to earmark the money towards a holiday. The vehicle in question is a 2003 (53) car in trophy blue and has also been treated to the uprated MLS head gasket in the not to distant past. Fitted with a manual five speed gearbox and showing 86,000 miles, its being offered on the open market for the very reasonable sum of £500.


Ian tells me it will come with a full MOT upon collection and will even throw in a spare set of hair pin type 18 inch alloys and tyres for good measure. Though he is keen to say the car may not win any concourse trophies, its in an honest and tidy condition and he’s also kept thorough notes regarding the servicing and mechanical work undertaken during his ownership. There are one or two minor dinks and blemishes but the car is very good for the £500 asking price – and I can personally vouch for that.

More Images are available upon request and viewing can be arranged in the Bromsgrove Worcestershire area.

Serious enquiries are to be made to:

Mike Humble


  1. That car is YOU MIke, funk de holiday, they are over in a blink, get it and you will be a very happy bunny

  2. £500 seems a bit low? When I moved my own ZTT on a little while back, it was all the clinkers that were going at this level (or the “at best” trade-in at the dealer). Maybe it’s because its the basic 120, but would’ve thought the mileage would weigh in its favour?

    Each to their own, I guess they want it gone.

  3. Looks like a bargain at that price and nice in Trophy Blue. I had a ZS120 with the 1.8 K engine which was adequate for that size car, though I would imagine slightly underpowered in a heavier ZT-T.

    But if you are not looking for outright acceleration and high speed, this car still looks the part… worth a go

  4. £500!! Amazing value. So much car for your money.

    I may have to seriously consider lowering the asking price for my ZR (COTM Feb 15). It’s advertised at £1150. I did baulk at an offer of £800 but now I’m not so sure.

  5. A bargain indeed! However I do think it would be slightly embarrassing to have such a sporty looking car powered by the comparatively gutless 1.8k. I had A a Rover 75 tourer auto with tha t engine and it really struggled at times particularly with Cornwall’s hills. I chopped it in for an MG3 and wow I really appreciate that car’s sporty nature compared to the relaxing Rover. No wonder Ian Pogson has a brace of MG3s!

  6. £500? – must be the engine. A ZT-T 135 with that sort of mileage in decent condition would usually be advertised at three to four times that price.

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