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Craig Cheetham

And so here it is, Merry Christmas…

minis have feelings too

Thank you to AROnline readers new and old for your continued support of the site through a year of change, and regardless of your creed, colour or religion, please enjoy the festive season with the people who matter most to you.

Here’s hoping that Santa brought you just what you wanted – in my case a power steering rail for a Mk 1 Rover 800 and a replacement for the missing hubcap on my ’93 Rover 214. And underpants, but you wouldn’t be interested in those.

Whoever he or she is (to quote my all-time favourite comic, Dave Allen), may your god go with you – don’t overdose on the sprouts, and keep checking in on AROnline throughout 2015, as there’ll be plenty going on – not least a series of articles to mark the 10th anniversary of that fateful day in 2005 when it was all over for Rover.

I’m sure I speak for the entire AROnline team of volunteer writers when I thank you from the heart for keeping that flag flying, and to the contributors yourselves may I also extend a heartfelt thank you – without you, there’d be no AROnline, and all that you do, for the love of the site and the love of the cars, is wholeheartedly appreciated.

Please raise a glass, be it the first or the midst of many, and drink a toast to yourselves, and to AROnline’s future as the ONLY one-stop British car web resource. And while you’re at it, please also raise a toast to the site’s founder, Mr Keith Adams – he may have moved on to pastures new, but without his enthusiasm and tenacity, none of us would be reading this now.

Have a good ‘un…

Craig and the AROnline team

Craig Cheetham


  1. Merry Christmas Craig and all contributors to AROnline. This website is going from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to reading reading it throughout 2015.


  2. All the best to AROnline and its contributors. I am frequently amazed by the depth of knowledge a lot of the writers bring.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, one and all, and especially to those who put so much work into keeping this wonderful website running.

    Craig, you’ve had one hell of a challenge in taking over the editorship of this site- Keith’s are big boots to fill. And you have proved more than up to the task. So thank you Craig, Mike, Keith (since you haven’t actually gone away as such), and to all other contributors. I wish you all a happy new year.

  4. Merry Christmas to all on here and this website is the best resource about British Leyland on the internet. I’m sure all of us on here have owned one of their cars at one time and had mixed experiences, my Rover 213 was one of the best cars I ever owned, but the Austin Montego that followed it was terrible. However, my one wish, to own a Rover R8, was out of my price range at the time and this was one car I always wanted in the nineties.

  5. Thank God thats over. A lot of squit over two days.
    A time for people to over eat, drink to excess and argue with their revolting, self centered, dysfunctional families. The wheelie bins of Britain will be bulging with discarded packaging and uneaten food. Why eat turkey for two weeks when you can simply throw it away? Remember a puppy is not just for Christmas, its for the end of the school holidays!
    Now people will pour into town for the sales, because they are bored and it beats arguing with the relatives and inhaling each others festivity induced flatulence.
    Have a happy new year!

  6. Merry Christmas Craig and to all the contributors to AROnline. This site gets better and better with time, Keith laid brilliant foundations and it all goes from strength to strength. Well done all and the very best for 2015.

    I will buy my Triumph 2000 estate this coming year…………………….

  7. Charlton Mackrell – “Thank God that’s over” This reminds me of what I used to hear my late Grandmother saying. As a young lad I was totally mystified by this comment but now, aged 46, I can see where she was coming from! Still it sign posts the new year and that’s a great thing. Spring time (AND POL) !!
    All the very best to everyone and, Craig, great to see the site still going strong.
    ….and, oh, I used to love Dave Allen too!

  8. Christmas day is also reputedly the busiest day for ebay listings as people flog the presents that relatives have looked far and wide for. Thank you letters should read….

    “Dear Gran
    Thank you for your lovely present, it was just what I wanted. It fetched a really good price on Ebay……”

  9. Those with an interest in BMC vehicles may, like me, keep an eye open for any that appear on TV and from time to time I get lucky. This Christmas has produced an advert for Thinkbox TV featuring the adventures of Harvey the small white dog and his friend Harmony the Poodle. In the garage of his owner’s house is an immaculate Cumulus Grey Morris 1100 Mk1 Saloon,JRD944F, first registered on August 2nd 1967 and currently taxed and MOT’d. Nice to see a ‘proper’ car rather than a modern characterless Euro-box that will probably need recycling in 7-10 years time unlike the 1100 that’s now fast approaching it’s 50th birthday!

  10. I’m always impressed with the knowledge,experiences and enthusiasm from all contributors and bloggers on aronline. There’s always something interesting on offer and I’ve learnt lots more about BMC/BL/Austin, Jaguar & MG Rover. I owned 3 MG Rover cars.

    Best wishes to everyone for 2015.

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