Archive : The Leyland Philosophy

In an exclusive and far-reaching interview published in Motor Transport, Lord Stokes, Chairman of British Leyland, has spoken his mind on many topics vitally affecting the future of his company, and of the country. This summary first appeared in Autocar, 28 September 1972. […]

Rover SD1 production at Solihull

Archive : 37 years ago – BL workers sleeping on the job

BL was an industrial soap opera that provided Fleet Street hacks with plenty to write about. Here’s the story of sleeping night shift workers. In this occasional series Ian Nicholls revisits some of these stories, using the newspaper articles of the time as the main source of information. Did the media have it in for British Leyland? Judge for yourself. […]


Archive : 40 years ago – Mini needs money

On 26 April 1977, British Leyland was still finding its way under government control, having been bailed out the previous year. The priority was to get the Mini’s replacement into production. To do that, it needed to deliver the Ryder Report, and hope that Callaghan’s Labour government would foot the bill. Here’s how The Times reported the story. […]