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By Malcolm Brown

The 24 separate United Kingdom-based British Leyland companies in the car and commercial vehicle business are to, be incorporated into a single new company, British Leyland UK, from October 1st. In announcing this over the weekend, the corporation emphasized that the move was only an. “administrative and legal rationalization “.

It would still be known as the, British Leyland Motor Corporation and the marque names and divisional operating organization would remain unchanged.

From October 1, BLMC will consist of British Leyland UK, British Leyland International, which owns the overseas companies, and the non car and truck companies, Aveling-Barford, Coventry Climax Engines and Prestcold. The name change will not involve setting up a new board or changes within the individual companies.

“Instead of having, a sort of conglomerate mess, we have now got a homogeneous company, so to speak”, a spokesman said.

Keith Adams

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