Rimmer Bros sponsored AROnline‘s Polish SD1 restoration

Buying parts for your Jaguar, Rover, Lands Rover, Triumph or MG has never been easier through AROnline

HERE at AROnline, we receive a large numbers of emails from people all over the world looking for parts for their cars MGs, Rovers, Landies and all manner of BMC>MG cars. Given that this is merely a website providing a little useless historical information, and not a commercial operation at all, we’re usually unable to help aside from pointing people in the right direction – but from today, you’ll be able to navigate to the web pages of parts supplier, Rimmer Bros, from this site.

The idea is a simple one – if you own, say, a Rover SD1, and need a new set of inner sills, you can go to the index page of that car, and there’s now an entry page that allows you to ‘order parts online’. Currently Rimmer Bros is offering that facility for AROnline for the following cars:


Jaguar XJ (2010-)
Jaguar X350 (2003-2010)
Jaguar X308 (1998-2003)
Jaguar S-Type (1999-2008)

Jaguar XF (2009-)
Jaguar XK8 (1996-2007)
Jaguar XK (2007-)
Jaguar X-Type

Land Rover Discovery I
Land Rover Discovery 2
Land Rover Discovery 3
Land Rover Discovery 4
Land Rover Defender
Land Rover Freelander 1
Land Rover Freelander 2
Land Rover Series 2/3

MG Midget/Austin Healey Sprite
MG Montego
MG Maestro
MG ZT 260

Rover Mini
MINI (post 2001)

Range Rover Classic
Range Rover P38
Range Rover L322
Range Rover Sport
Range Rover Evoque

Rover SD1 3500
Rover Metro/100

Rover 200/400 – Tourer, Tomcat and Cabriolet
Rover 200/400
Rover 200/25 (R3)
Rover 400/45 (HHR)
Rover 600
Rover 75
Rover 75 V8
Rover P6
Rover P5
Rover 800 (XX)
Rover 800 (R17)

Triumph TR6
Triumph Stag
Triumph TR7
Triumph TR8
Triumph TR4/A/5
Triumph TR2/3/3A
Triumph GT6
Triumph 2000/2500/PI
Triumph Dolomite
Triumph Herald
Triumph Vitesse

Rover V8 engine

Please mention us when getting in touch with Rimmer Bros.

The Rimmer Bros story

Considering that the company’s website offers a multitude of parts for a bewildering array of Triumph, Rover, Landie, MG and other BL-related parts, it’s hard to believe that it all began with £3000 of working capital, a stash of used TR6, TR7, Stag and Herald parts and a farmhouse.

However, with a keen eye for the market, and ever ready to listen to the wishes of their customers, the Rimmer Bros soon expanded. When the TR7 dropped out of production, they picked up tons of brand new stock, and did the same when the Canley factory bit the dust.

They’ve been in the current premises – a 75,000sq ft Belfast Aero hanger – since 1991, and continue to look for the next innovative deal. Buying up ex factory stock over the years has helped, together with the purchase of the contents of several factory warehouses and being backed up by ex-dealer and distributor stock when available, giving the most comprehensive range of stock available.

Rimmer Bros also commissions the re-manufacture of many NLA car parts, and is unusual in the business by selling them via a range of glossy colour catalogues, as well as via the Internet and the on-site call centre.

Rimmer Bros,, +44 (0)1522 568000


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