Modified Metros : Wood & Pickett Metros

Another name from the Mini’s heyday – Wood and Pickett returned in 1981, offering some lavish Metro conversions, including the Ogle-styled Laser Metro…

Wood & Pickett Laser Metro

The Laser Metro was certainly treated as a bespoke car for discerning customers: price ranged from £11,000 to £17,000 and extras included Recaro seats, air conditioning and leather interior. Like the Frazer Metro, it was treated to an external makeover, but Wood and Pickett handed that task to Ogle design, who managed to make a largely successful job of it, although it might be said that the styling was slighly less appealing than the Frazer Tickford Metro.

One advantage that Wood and Pickett offered over their upstart rival was that they would tailor their cars to meet exactly their customers’ needs. The result of this was the Metro Plus, which with a starting price of £6995 could almost be considered to be an entry model, if such a term could be used when referring to Wood and Pickett. Both WP models employed a Rayjay turbocharger and endowed the Plus and Laser with an impressive turn of speed.

Wood and Pickett actually fielded two luxury Metros: the Laser Metro (above) for the extremely rich and the Metro Plus (below) for the ‘merely’ rich.

Metro Plus

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Pictures: Pete Chalmers and Andrew Elphick

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  1. oh dear, they seem to be getting worse, another not very favourable looking Metro, but considering they designed the car near perfectly first time around it was hard to improve on it

  2. Oh dear, are those plastic lunch boxes they are using for instrument binnacles? And is that carpet in the middle of the steering wheel?

    I am sure VDP could have done a much better job and given it a grille worthy of a pretentions mini Rolls

  3. Those W&P Metros are not nice. AR got it right with the Metro Vanden Plas – still looked like a Metro inside and out but was clearly top of the range and quite subtly done.

  4. There was different standards of work to these Wood & Pickett Metros …. they even done 2/3 with the Margrave dash that made there Mini WP so good ….. over all we believe there was 2/3 were done to the highest standard …. but when you commissioned a car from Wood & Pickett you could have what ever you wanted , as long as your pockets were deep enough…… we know of only 1 Margrave metro, one Lazer metro and one MG Turbo ( the only rhd WP metro known of) … they were of there day late 70s early 80s a day that saw very few cars with all the toys we take for granted today

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