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The Austin Apache was designed by Michelotti in 1970, alongside the almost identical Austin Victoria, and was produced by Leyland South Africa at its Blackheath plant from 1971 until the mid 1970s.

Like the Victoria, the Apache is a well-disguised Austin 1300, with extended nose and tails sections grafted on. However, the centre section is virtually unaltered, so the doors are a bit of a giveaway. Not much more to say about it really, but here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Publicity photos

Austin Apache

Apache 1972 A

UK Apaches

This splendid Apache is owned by Jason Heaton, who lives in Salford, Manchester. These photographs were taken when the car belonged to previous owner Martin Williamson, who received it as a 21st birthday present while he was living in South Africa. Martin later brought it with him when relocated to the UK, and sold it to Jason Heaton in 2002, as he wasn’t getting much opportunity to drive it.

This Apache image was taken from Graham Robson’s book and, as can be seen, it has been the subject of a colour change since its appearance in print.

With thanks to Martin Williamson for the images of his former car.

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  1. Looks good on Rostyles! Wouldn’t mind one of those, and it would fit in my garage 🙂
    Interesting comparison with the Allegro in the bottom picture too…

  2. A red Austin Apache briefly appears in a recent British television commercial for LV (formerly Liverpool Victoria). LV film most of their commercials in South Africa, where film crews are cheaper and the weather is always sunnier. Like all cars in these ads, the Apache is bearing fake British plates. It gets side swiped by a grey Volvo in an ad for car insurance.

  3. Yet ANOTHER opportunity missed by BL, they could have sold this in the UK as a Triumph 1100/1300 below the Toledo/Dolomite for very little additional cost.
    [ Other missed opportunities… V12 Range Rover, Straight-Six 2500 in Stag below 3.0 V8. V6 from Jaguar V12 to be used in SD1… the list seems endless ]

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