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Who says badge engineering isn’t alive and well? We’re getting the MG5 next year, but here’s a taste of that car…

…in the form of the MG350.

The Chinese export MG 350

MG 350 shot in suitable 'English' surroundings
MG 350 shot in suitable 'English' surroundings. Doesn't that boot badge look like 3500?

We’ve already given coverage to the Roewe 35o on AROnline, but it’s interesting to see that in those export markets where the Roewe name doesn’t work, and the MG cars developed in Shanghai are still some time off, they’re getting the Roewe cars with MG badges slapped on them. It’s possible to buy an MG 550 and 750, but here we take a close look at the 350, which in the coming months will spawn the new MG5.

We hope that the real Octagon badged car is somewhat more Euro-friendly to look at. Especially as we’ve seen that car close up, and it certainly looks, feels and sounds promising, even without the USP of having the world’s first Android powered infotainment system. Enjoy the gallery.


Keith Adams


  1. So it gets the Longship-shaped badge with ‘MG’ painted on it? Nice attention to detail.

    Still, I guess that’s about the only interesting thing the car has going for it looks-wise. Yawn.

  2. Well, i like it, it is simple, smart, and if it is as well put together as the 6 and Magnette, and the pricing is such to make it a reasonable bargain, i think maybe this is the car to put MG back on the right road.


    With Kia now replacing the Rio with something exciting to look at and pleasant to be in we might have a replacement for it’s bland and cheap current offering in the MG5.

  4. that is possibly the blandest car i have ever seen. its not ugly but i nearly fell asleep looking at iteven hyundi in the 90’s produced more interesting designs than this. it makes a vw golf look exciting by comparison!!

  5. Completely bland kia/hyundai style offering that would appeal to the budget concious retiree, not an MG.

  6. Reminds me of a Daewoo Lacetti, a 2 dimensional pen and ruler piece of design that only the Asians can create… ugly AND bland at the same time, shameful…

  7. So which markets are getting these cars? If the Roewe badge doesn’t work outside of China, maybe they should have thought about a new brand name that works everywhere. After all, we’ve got used to Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Subaru etc all of which probably sounded ‘funny’ at first!

  8. Looks a perfect replacement for the Triumph Acclaim and Rover 213/6.. very bland and eastern.

    None of the above are for me.. obv. But seeing the concept and the scoops of the real MG3 I am not worried as it potentially looks very attractive indeed.

  9. They should use the Austin name for the Roewe variants. They could put on a nice ’50s Austin crest.

  10. Pity there’s no interior shots. The one’s I have seen elsewhere of the Roewe 350 show a very sophisticated Rover like interior featuring touch screen controls and Google’s Android operating system. Very ‘state of the art’!

    No doubt the MG5 will be very different to this with a much more sporting flavour, more suited to European tastes

  11. I disagree. Put a VW badge on it and then call it a Jetta and then everyone will be happy. Look at the car not the ‘brand’ and / or recent history. Looks fine to me.

  12. This MG 350 (5) looks so similar to the ‘6 and for that matter also a Honda Civic sedan. Not a bad looking car overall but I feel it could be competing for the same sort of buyer as an MG6/Magnette. Begs the question – when is a Roewe not a Roewe?

    I have to say, it looks good in white.

  13. I would expect that it would have a slight redesign for European tastes, china has very conservative taste in cars so this fits with there taste,

    Hopefully when it comes to Europe the redesign will be to our taste. I can see a lot of potential in its desgin

  14. I would expect that it would have a slight redesign for European tastes, china has very conservative taste in cars so this fits with there taste,

    Hopefully when it comes to Europe the redesign will be to our taste. I can see a lot of potential in its desgin

  15. peterpiper might have it spot on – pitched as an Acclaim and 213/6 replacement (Android notwithstanding) with good local dealer support it could sell strongly. Don’t knock the loyal retiree/”grey £” – there’s loads more of them about these days and usually a private cash buyer who knows how to look after his motor with low mileage so good residuals.

    The badging is a dog’s breakfast though.

  16. Was the badge re-hash a cost cutting exercise? Can you imagine a 3.5 litre badge on a saloon car these days!

  17. No, it’s not vastly different from the current herd. I don’t dislike it, however. Already, it seems to have its own subtle style – especially the rear. The front could do with a bit more character but I’m sure this would not be difficult to achieve.
    I’m sure the MG5 version will be more distinctive. The basics are right, just the detailing needs altering to give it some more unique feel.

    Well, you didn’t expect me to be overly critical did you?

  18. Very disappointing shape,reminds me of the ugly Suzuki Liana sedan.If the MG has plenty of kit as standard and the right price it could sell on value rather than desire.The TOP GEAR team will probably find plenty of faults when they get the chance to review it.

  19. I think it is quite atractive in its’ own way and could sell well, as the Acclaim and Rover 213 did, badged as an Austin or Morris with a good dealer network.

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