Marques : Morris

Morris vied with Austin to become one of Britain’s largest carmakers. It produced a number of iconic cars such as the ‘Bull Nose’ and the Issigonis-created Minor before becoming a […]

Morris Marina (ADO28)

Blog : Bent-Eight Marinas

Ian Elliott In the recent thread about 2.0-litre Itals/Marinas, the subject of V8-engined Marinas was raised. If I have rambled about this in any previous AROnline submission, I apologise, but […]

Advert of the Week

Advert of the Week: The new Morris Ital

When the Morris Ital roared onto our screens at its June 1980 launch, BL put out this terrific advert to celebrate the fact. OK, so we now know that it was little more than a warmed-over Marina, powered by the upcoming Metro’s A-Plus engine, and styled by Harris Mann, but with the Ital Design connection in its production engineering was so exciting from a marketing sense, that the marketing department leaped on it with relish… […]

Austin Allegro (ADO67)

Top 10 : BMC>MGR’s most successful cars 1952-2005

With the number of BMC>MGR cars on our roads diminishing rapidly, we take stock of the successive companies’ 10 most popular cars during the post-war years. Some of these numbers are going to shock you, simply because the cars are so rare on the road now. In fact, even the latest car on this list is now proving to be a rather unusual spot. […]