BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : O-Series

The O-Series was designed to act as the company’s mid-range engine mainstay for the late 1970s and beyond. If at first you don’t succeed… The formation of Austin-Morris from the […]

BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : B-Series

The B-Series engine started out as a humble 1.2-litre unit that powered the Austin A40 Devon. Over time, it was developed – and developed – and developed. Middle-market mainstay After […]

Morris Ital (ADO73 F/L)

Gallery : Morris Ital

In 1980, the Marina was restyled for the new decade by Harris Mann. The production engineering was carried out by Giorgetto Giugiaro‘s Ital Design styling studio, and BL sought to […]

Morris Marina (ADO28)

Torcars Marinas

Available in standard and elevating-roof versions, the Torcars Marinas offered a choice of practical vehicles for outings and short breaks. The text and pictures below have been taken from the […]