The Converters : Panther Rio

The Panther Rio was a brave idea – to take a humble family saloon and upgrade it into a brilliantly economical luxury car. A mere 35 were sold, probably because it was too expensive, and not different enough from the Triumph Dolomite. […]

Triumph 1300/Toledo/Dolomite

Triumph 1300>Dolomite timeline

The bloodline of Triumph’s popular small saloon, the Dolomite, can be traced back to the front-wheel-drive Triumph 1300 of the mid-Sixties. This timeline charts the key points in the development […]


In production : Triumph

The 1960s were an exciting time for Triumph, which saw great expansion at the Canley factory. Below are some photographs taken at the 180,000 cars-per-year facility, as well as some […]