Concepts and prototypes : MG Icon design sketches

The MG Icon Concept was launched at Auto China 2012 and gives rise to the possibility of MG competing in the mini-SUV sector.

The Stephen Harper-designed car looked as good in the metal as it does in these design sketches.


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  1. Lovely drawings and CGI images – there’s no doubting Stephen’s talent! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Red you old critic! Hey this is an open place, email old Keith your best stuff and we can have a show down!

    Anyway I see more Leaf influence than Juke (especially that rump) and a current Dodge Charger midriff. Like it or loath it, it’s far better than the inoffensive sub Proton stuff currently making the MG range up.

  3. Erm, I’m trying to think of something nice to say…

    I quite like the colour.

    It sort of looks like the bastard offspring of a MINI, Porsche Cayenne, and something that Chris Bangle might have designed had he gone on a road trip with the late Hunter S Thompson.

    They should call this the ‘Frankenmini’.

  4. Is that an idrive(or similar) or clock I can see in some of the sketches along the center consule/transmission tunnel?

  5. Absolutely horrible – almost as ugly as the Juke which seems to have been its “inspiration”. Adding MGB GT motifs is like sprinkling chopped garlic on porridge.

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