Concepts and prototypes : Chrysler Sunbeam

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Project R429 RWD was given the green light in January 1976, and the challenge had been set; design a supermini set of clothes for the Avenger floorplan. Here are some of the Whitley styling team’s first thoughts on the subject.

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  1. My first car was a Talbot Sunbeam. The top drawing and the bottom one look very stylish ,much more sothan the actual finished model.

  2. The middle drawing looks like its using the Avenger face lifted front end and taking a glass line more in keeping with the Avenger.

    This would suggest they were considering it as a direct replacement for the Avenger two door.

    I think its was a mistake to shorten the wheelbase, better would have been to keep the wheelbase those few inches longer which would have done wonders for the space and followed through with a four door (Avenger front with a modified rear door glass line) and a Solara like notch back to replace the Avenger.

  3. @2 But that wouldnt have given the company the super-mini it needed. Remember this was the era of the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Chevette. The trend and sales potential was in small hatchbacks. There was no need for Chrysler UK to cobble together an Avenger replacement when the Horizon was already on the er horizon. That of course being cobbled together from bits of old Simca.

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