Concepts and prototypes : MG E-motion

SAIC Motor has unveiled its MG electric supercar concept at this week’s Auto Shanghai. Styled in the UK at the SMTC Design Centre in Longbridge, it’s a fine-looking, albeit generic coupe, with echoes of the recently-launched MG XS. It sports a controversial round version of the MG octagon, which initially had marque enthusiasts up in arms.

The E-motion features a slender a ‘Starlight Matrix’ front grille design, with headlights featuring the same LED detailing seen in the new mid-sized SUV. It’s what’s under the skin that offers up some interest – it’s a plug-in EV, and is underpinned by SAIC’s latest pure-electric modular architecture platform.

The company says that it’ll sprint from 0-62mph in less than four seconds, with a range of more than 300 miles. Inside, it has an intelligent infotainment system, and is fully internet-compatible.

What about that round MG octagon?

Designer of the MG Icon concept, Stephen Harper, commented: ‘Apart from the sacrilegious round octagon, it’s their best effort so far.’ He added, ‘I just wish they had kept the double bubble dashboard, rather than the nondescript effort they’ve made. That would have helped tie it to MG’s past, even though the exterior styling is as similar as A and B were.’

However, MG has confirmed that the move to a round octagon is a temporary one. The company’s Brand Manager in China, Chris Chen, told the MG Car Club: ‘The rounded logo on the E-motion is to highlight MG’s new family design, future production MGs will definitely keep the Octagon on every vehicle.’

Keith Adams


  1. I thought aronline wasn’t doing any more articles on new SAIC MG models..? (he says tongue-in-cheek) Seriously, have they got some new stylists, especially interiors, since they suddenly seem to be doing some very smart Roewe SUV’s, etc. They definitely dropped the ball on wheel size for the ZS though…

    The E-motion is said to be priced at £30k – what volumes and where built?

    • Yes, I remember reading the article on here that said that now that all UK “production” had finished, then there would be no more column inches dedicated to completely Chinese cars. What is it about this relentlessly recycled brand that continuous to cast a rose tinted shadow?

      • Good point – and it’s true.

        But this is a UK-styled concept (SMTC at Longbridge) that will NEVER go on sale, so I’m happy to run it. I certainly don’t care for running MG3 and MG GS stuff as they are imports, but a domestic styling exercise is OK.

        Plus, I am sure I was acceptably cynical about it…

  2. An interesting design concept, with a few hints of Mazda and Aston Martin DB9 about it. Admittedly the most controversial feature for me is the rear ‘MG’ badge which looks like it was stuck on as an afterthought.

    However, for me a car this interesting to look at but with an electric motor has all the appeal of ordering a sirloin steak meal in a posh restaurant, only to find it doesn’t contain any meat (my apologies to any vegetarian readers for this analogy). In other words, should the E-motion be shown the production green light in some form or another, it really needs to be offered with a combustion engine as well. Who knows, perhaps I am old fashioned and not yet completely convinced by electric cars.

    Just my thoughts…

  3. Mixed feelings about this concept. I do think the styling looks absolutely fantastic, but there’s something missing.. It doesn’t have that ‘MGness’ about it.

    Not that I’m suggesting a retro pastiche of an MGB would be any better, I just wish there were a few more subtle nods to the company’s heritage

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