BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : K-Series

In taking over from the venerable A-Series, Rover’s high-tech K-Series engine had a hard act to follow. However, it went on to earn itself an unenviable reputation for fragility in […]

BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

History : MG Rover and Iran

MG Rover and Iran is an interesting might-have been. After extracting Powertrain from BMW in 2000, MG Rover set about turning the operation into a stand-alone business, supplying K-Series engines […]

BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : Jaguar AJ-V8

Taking Jaguar forward into the 21st century inevitably meant weaning it off its love affair with the straight-six, and taking the company in a whole new V8-powered direction. The AJ-V8 […]

BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : S-Series

Another evolution of the E-Series engine, ARG’s S-Series emerged capable and strong, and proved a remarkably capable mid-range power plant after a false start with the R-Series ‘hybrid’. Mike Humble […]

BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : O-Series

The O-Series was designed to act as the company’s mid-range engine mainstay for the late 1970s and beyond. If at first you don’t succeed… The formation of Austin-Morris from the […]

Austin 3 Litre (ADO61)

Engines : C-Series

The C-Series engine was the shortest lived out of the triumvirate of BMC engines, and has since gained infamy for being the motive power behind of the MGC and Austin […]

BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : B-Series

The B-Series engine started out as a humble 1.2-litre unit that powered the Austin A40 Devon. Over time, it was developed – and developed – and developed. Middle-market mainstay After […]