BL Babes : 1960s

It was a golden era, and BMC knew how to play to its audience…


Gentler times…

Austin 1300

Tidy looking and eminently usable – the Austin 1300.


Joanna Lumley adds much needed glamour to the Series one Maxi…

Jaguar XJ6

It’s fair to say you get a better class of lady in a Jaguar – but is doing your nails at 60mph advisable?

Rover P5B

Anything Jaguar could do, Rover could do better… legs and fruit for this evocative look at the P5’s interior

Here she is again, navigating an awkward river crossing – perfectly dressed for the occastion…

Triumph Herald

The caption almost writes itself…

So… what happens next?

Triumph 2000

Those reclining seats are going to come in handy later, judging by the grin on the driver’s face…

Triumph GT6

What is it about Triumphs and the effect they have on nubile young blondes? All it needs to complete this picture is for her to start playing suggestively with the handbrake lever.

BMC 1300GT

The delectable Valerie Leon and her Austin 1300GT
The delectable Valerie Leon and her Austin 1300GT
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  1. I see that the GT6 is left hand drive. I’m sure that sort of filth was reserved for our foreign cousins…..?

  2. Their outfits look feminine and stylish in contrast to the designer “painter and decorators clobber” worn by the young ladies of today

  3. Interesting to see that POF626G (Joanna Lumley picture) seems to be the only pre-production Maxi still on the DVLA website.

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