BL Babes : 1970s

The company was struggling against the unholy trinity of industrial action, good value imports and consumer apathy – but at least the girls were still pretty…

Mini Clubman

A view of the delightful Sue Cuff, showing a cheeky amount of thigh, this time celebrating a rather important milestone… For ‘Prendergast Sweedlepipe’, who was involved with BL publicity at the time this image brought back memories: ‘Sue Cuff was (maybe still is!) a cute kid – and ideal for photography in and around Minis because she was so petite, she made the car look bigger! Her agent brought her onto our stand at the Motor Show in 1974, if memory serves, and my boss took a shine to her, arranging for her to do several photo-shoots in the months that followed.’

Mini Clubman on Denovos

It’s nice to see some things don’t go out of fashion….

MG Midget

Your mother wouldn’t like it, but we reckon you will…


You can almost see the goosepimples… ‘Prendergast Sweedlepipe’ again: ‘The Princess/MGB model is ‘Saskia’, a Birmingham based model – real name Pat Parkes. Classy indeed – she did a lot of work for brochure and PR shots.’

Austin Maxi

What better and more inviting demonstration is there of the Maxi’s bedtime capabilities? More from ‘Prendergast’: ‘Maxi – well, we had to launch this mild , mostly interior facelift on the Maxi over one Easter, so I thought, how about an Easter Bunny theme? I borrowed a selection of bunnies from Barnabys, the posh toy shop in Solihull, and took the Maxi to Hurlstons in Bournville, where we had an enjoyable afternoon deciding what poses looked best. Sweet girl.’

Morris Range

Clearly, you’d have one of these…

Austin Allegro

We love the go-faster stripes and low slung stance… the Allegro’s not bad either. There is a saucier version of this shot, but the ‘net nanny wouldn’t allow us to display it here. For the curious, you can click here.

Triumph TR7

Sex sells… that was certainly the hope when they put together the brochure for the avant garde TR7…

The model’s heels clearly weren’t a match for the TR7’s lofty ride height…


We always knew the Princess was a classy ride…

Will the dress and that hat actually fit in the Princess’ commodious interior?

Rover SD1

You know what they say about SD1 owners and their love of the countryside… well here’s the proof. Those boots are definitely not made for walking…

Keith Adams


  1. Brilliant stuff, but the earlier Sue Cuff work is the best, as it is not in your face sexuality as is the case with much of the modern media.

  2. Interesting to see that style, taste and design can change or become unfashionable over the years….in cars and girls

  3. Tragic numberplate in the second photo…

    Beyond that, I recall seeing that pic years ago & fell in love with the young lady while friends opted for the bum scratching tennis girl. A cute woman & BL products? It has to be love!

  4. In the stories I write there are a number of girls obsessed with transvestic fetishist little boys not only wearing short trousers, dark stockings and high heels but also going with them in a British Leyland car.

  5. I had a relationship with Pattie Parkes (modelling the MGB) for a couple of years in the early 2000’s and very nice it was too. Pity I did not handle the relationship better. Pity about the car though!!

  6. Despite any criticism of the Clubman 1275GT, it does look good in these photos, especially alongside the attractive 1970’s BL babes!

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