Facts and Figures : BLMC’s UK factories in 1968

Ever wondered how many factories there were in the BLMC empire when it was created in 1968? Here’s the definitive list of all the UK operations at the turn of that tumultuous year.

Major BLMC factories in the UK


The Maudslay Motor Co. Ltd.
Castle Maudslay, Alcester.
Telephone: Great Alne 381. Telex: 33794.
Cables: Maudslay Alcester Telex.


Austin Division
Junior Car Factory, Hengoed, Bargoed,
South Wales.
Telephone: Pengham 241.


Transport Equipment (Thornycroft) Ltd.
Telephone: Basingstoke 322. Telex: 85150.
Cables: Thornycroft Basingstoke Telex.


Leyland Motors (Scotland) Ltd.
Bathgate, West Lothian.
Telephone: Bathgate 3581. Telex: 72247.
Cables: Beemcee Bathgate Telex.


Alvis Ltd.

Factories at:

Holyhead Road, Coventry.
Telephone:  Coventry 25501 (STD 0203).
Telex: 31459. Cables: Alvis Coventry Telex.

Aero Test Factory,
Baginton, Coventry.
Telephone : Toll Bar 3279.

Aircraft Repair Factory,
Baginton, Coventry.
Telephone: Toll Bar 2311.


Factories at :

Austin Morris Division Longbridge,
Birmingham 31.
Telephone: 021-475 2101. Telex: 33491.
Cables: Speedily Birmingham Telex.

Engines Division, Courthouse Green,
Bell Green Road, Coventry CV6 7G N.
Telephone: 0203 88701. Telex: 31603.
Cables: Morengines Coventry Telex.

Transmission Division, Drews Lane,
Ward End, Birmingham 8.
Telephone: 021-327 1501. Telex: 33222.
Cables: Exactitude Birmingham Telex.

Light Commercial Vehicle Division,
Adderley Park, Birmingham 8.
Telephone: 021-327 1960. Telex: 33109.
Cables: Mortrucks Birmingham Telex.

S.U. Carburetter Co. Ltd., Wood Lane,
Erdington, Birmingham 24.
Telephone: 021-373 7371. Telex: 338342.
Cables: Carbuflex Birmingham Telex.

Coventry Climax Engines Ltd.

Factories at:

Widdrington Road, Coventry.
Telephone: Coventry 28481. Telex: 31632.
Cables: Climax Coventry Telex.

Sandy Lane Factory,
Widdrington Road, Coventry.
Telephone: Coventry 28481. Telex: 31632.
Cables: Climax Coventry Telex.

The Daimler Co. Ltd.
Daimler Road, Radford, Coventry.
Telephone: Coventry 27626.
Cables: Daimler Coventry.

Daimler Transport Vehicles Ltd.
Daimler Road, Radford, Coventry.
Telephone: Coventry 27626.
Cables: Daimler Coventry.

Forward Radiator Co. Ltd.
Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham 9.
Telephone: Birmingham Victoria 5551.

Jaguar Cars Ltd.
Browns Lane, Allesley, Coventry.
Telephone: Allesley 2121. Telex: 31622.
Cables: Jaguar Coventry Telex.

Pressed Steel Fisher Ltd.

Factories at :

Albion Works, Kingsbury Road,
Birmingham 24.
Telephone: Erdington 2141. Telex: 33501.
Cables: Pressings Birmingham Telex.

Quinton Road, Coventry CV1 2NG.
Telephone: Coventry 27711 (STD 0203).
Telex: 31327.
Cables: Pressings Coventry Telex.

Common Lane, Birmingham 8.
Telephone: Birmingham East 1591.
Telex: 33501.
Cables: Pressings Birmingham Telex.

The Rover Co. Ltd.

Factories at :

Meteor Works, Lode Lane, Solihull.
Telephone: Sheldon 4242 (STD 021 743).
Telex: 33-8641.
Cables: Rover Solihull Telex.

Garrison Steel Works, Birmingham 9.
Telephone: 021-772 6841.

Springfield Works, Birmingham.
Telephone: 021-706 3904.

Acocks Green Factory, Birmingham 27.
Telephone: 021-706 6161.

Tyseley Factory, Birmingham.
Telephone: 021-706 3366.

Percy Road Factory, Birmingham.
Telephone: 021-772 3385.

Perry Barr Factory, Birmingham.
Telephone : 021-356 5231.

Tyburn Factory, Birmingham 24.
Telephone: 021-327 4811.

Self-Changing Gears Ltd.
Lythalls Lane, Coventry CV6 6FY.
Telephone : Coventry 89081. Telex 31644.
Cables : Selfchange Coventry Telex.

Standard-Triumph International Ltd.

Factories at:

Canley Works, Canley, Coventry CV4 9DB.
Telephone: Coventry 75511.
Telex: 31567-8.
Cables: Flywheel Coventry Telex.

Radford Factory, Radford, Coventry
Telephone : Coventry 23581.

Tile Hill Factory, Torrington Avenue,
Telephone: Tile Hill 66251.

Service Department, Allesley,
Nr. Coventry.
Telephone: Allesley 3211.


The Rover Co. Ltd.

Factories at:

70 Moor Factory, Pengham Moor,
Telephone: OCA 2 33681. Telex: 49359.

St Mellons Factory
St Mellons, Cardiff
Telephone: OCA 77335


Auto Body Dies Ltd.
Luton Road, Dunstable.
Telephone: Dunstable 62405.
Cables: Dies Dunstable.


Albion Motors Ltd.

Factories at:

South Street, Scotstoun, Glasgow 4.
Telephone: Scotstoun 1261-70.
Telex: 77668.
Cables: Automobile Phone Glasgow.

Yoker, Glasgow 3.
Telephone: Clydebank 2446.
Telex: 778131.
Cables: Autospares Glasgow Telex.


Aveling-Barford Ltd.
Invicta Works, Grantham.
Telephone: Grantham 5551. Telex: 37-630
Cables: Invicta Grantham Telex.

Barfords of Belton Ltd.
Belton, Grantham.
Telephone: Grantham 2431.
Cables: Babel Grantham.

Grantham Electrical Engineering  Co. Ltd.
Harlaxton Road, Grantham.
Telephone: Grantham 2691.

Lyne and Son (Printers) Ltd.
Harlaxton Road, Grantham.
Telephone: Grantham 3196.


Alford and Alder (Engineers) Ltd.
Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead.
Telephone: Hemel Hempstead 3801.
Telex: 82340.
Cables: Alforder Hemel Hempstead Telex.


Charles H. Roe Ltd.
Carriage Works, Crossgates, Leeds.
Telephone: Leeds 64 5182-3.
Cables: Vehicles Leeds 15.

West Yorkshire Foundries Ltd.
Sayner Lane, Leeds LS1 1 QX.
Telephone: Leeds 29466. Telex 55115.
Cables: Alacast Leeds Telex.


Goodwin Barsby Co. Ltd.
P.O. Box 126, St. Margaret’s,
Leicester LE1 9ED
Telephone: Leicester 26501. Telex: 34304.
Cables: Goodwin Leicester Telelex

Rearsby Automotive Ltd.
Rearsby, Leicester
Telephone: Rearsby 401. Telex: 34384.
Cables: Rearsby


Butec Ltd.
Cleveland Road, Leyland PR5 1XB.
Telephone: Leyland 21663-5.

Leyland Motors Ltd.
Leyland, Preston PR5 1SN.
Telephone: Leyland 21400. Telex: 67655.
Cables: Leymotors Leyland Telex.

North Works, as above.
South Works, as above.
Farington Works, as above.
Spurrier Works, as above.

Chorley Works, Bolton Road, Chorley.
Telephone: Chorley 2231. Telex: 67662.


Pressed Steel Fisher Ltd.
Felinfoel, Llanelli.
Telephone: Llanelli 2233. Telex: 48153.
Cables: Pressings Llanelli Telex.

B.M.C. (Morris Radiators Division)
Nuffield Works, Felinfoel, Llanelli.
Telephone: 05542 3385. Telex: 48212.


Standard-Triumph (Liverpool) Ltd.
Woodend Avenue, Speke, Liverpool 24.
Telephone: Hunts Cross 1831.
Cables: Stantri Liverpool.

Speke Hall Road Factory,
Liverpool 25. As above.


AEC Ltd.
Southall, Middlesex.
Telephone: Southall 2424. Telex: 22416.
Cables: Vangastow Southall Telex.

British Gear Grinding and Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
45 Standard Road, Park Royal,
London NW10.
Telephone: 01 -965 7341-3.
Cables: Britgear NW10 London.

Park Royal Vehicles Ltd.
Abbey Road, Park Royal, London NW10.
Telephone: 01-965 6522.
Cables: Koachworks London NW10.

Power Jacks Ltd.
Agnes Road, Acton, London W.3.
Telephone: 01-743 3151.
Cables: Newsorber Ealux London.

Newton and Bennett Ltd.
As above.

Vanden Plas (England) 1923 Ltd.
Kingsbury Works, Kingsbury Road,
London N.9.
Telephone: 01-205 1141. Telex: 262742.
Cables: Vigilancy London NW9 Telex.


Aveling-Barford Ltd.
Invicta Works, Newburn, Newcastle
NE15 9TR.
Telephone: Lemington 675 991.


Invicta Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd.
Invicta Works, Hoveringham,
Nottingham NG14 7J2.
Telephone: Lowdham 3261.


Austin Morris Division
Cowley, Oxford.
Telephone: 0092 77777. Telex 83311
Cables: Voiture Oxford Telex.

Radiators Division
Osberton Works, Woodstock Road,
Telephone : 0092 59966. Telex: 83179
Cables : Radiator Oxford Telex.

MG Division
Abingdon-on-Thames, Berkshire.
Telephone : Abingdon 251. Telex 83128.
Cables : Emgee Abingdon Telex.

BMC Service Division
Cowley, Oxford.
Telephone: 0092 78941. Telex: 83331,
Cables: BMCSERV Oxford England Telex.

The Nuffield Press Ltd.
Cowley, Oxford,
Telephone: 0092 77777. Telex: 83311.
Cables: Voiturette Oxford Telex.

Pressed Steel Fisher Ltd.
Cowley, Oxford OX4 5NL.
Telephone: Oxford 77701. Telex: 83191,
Cables: Pressings Oxford Telex.


Pressed Steel Fisher Ltd.
Stratton St. Margaret, Swindon.
Telephone: Swindon (LSW 3) 6281.
Telex: 44842.
Cables: Pressings Swindon Telex.


Prestcold Ltd.
Station Road, Theale, Nr. Reading RG74AF.
Telephone: Theale 222. Telex: 84326.
Cables : Prestcold Theale Telex.


Beans Industries Ltd.
Hurst Lane, Tipton.
Telephone: 021-5572881. Telex: 338205.
Cables: Beans Tipton Telex.


Scammell Lorries Ltd.

Factories at:

Tolpits Lane, Watford.
Telephone: Watford 44211. Telex: 261760.
Cables: Twelfton Watford Telex.

Moor Park Factory.
Telephone : Watford 44211. Telex 261760.
Cables : Twelfton Watford Telex.


Wellingborough Foundry
Wellingborough NN8 1RB
Telephone: Wellingborough 4871.
Telex: 31503.
Cables: Morcast Wellingborough.


Guy Motors Ltd.
Fallings Park, Wolverhampton.
Telephone: Wolverhampton 732299.
Cables: Guymo Wolverhampton.

Keith Adams


  1. I’ve been trying to work out for years where the Aveling Barford factory in Newcastle was, and what’s there now. Does anyone know the precise location please?

    • Hello, Jonathan, Newburn is a suburb of Newcastle to the west of the A1 opposite Blaydon. 50 years ago, apart from Aveling Barford, this area contained glassworks, an Ever Ready battery factory, a power station and a graphite works, all gone now.

      • Hi Glenn, thanks for that. I worked for quite a few years in a newish office called Stella House, on the site of the old Stella Power Station at Newburn. I’ve never worked out whereabouts the Aveling Barford works was, but I would love to know!

        • Hi, it was next to warburtons bakery. It was taken over and used as a scrap yard by norman marshalls for some years but has since been demolished

  2. I’ve got this info as a flow-chart in a contemporary book about the company. I think, more than anything else it just looks like an impossible task – no matter how clever a person or his team can be – to make this lot work successfully.

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