Buying Guide : Princess/Ambassador

The Princess is one of those iconic cars that was ahead of the opposition, but really only became recognised in the last few years, once it slipped under the classic car umbrella. Keith Adams updates our quick run-down on what you should look for when buying yourself a nice family-sized slice of wedge. […]

Austin Maxi (ADO14)

Buying Guide : Austin Maxi

The Austin Maxi has the honourable distinction of being Sir Alec Issigonis’ final production car – and just like the Mini and 1100 before it, the Maxi boasted an extremely advanced spec sheet.

Keith Adams takes a look at this oft-misunderstood car and highlights the good… and the bad. […]

Does the 75 1.8 pass the bangernomics acid test? - We think so.
Buying Guide

Buying Guide : Rover 75

Rover’s bargain 75 offers class, refinement and ability for not much money. Richard Dredge gives you the low-down on the front wheel drive models… Availability Years produced: 1999-2005 Body style: […]

Buying Guide

Buying Guide : Rover SD1

Fancy an SD1? Here’s what to look out for… Availability Years produced: 1976-1986 Body style: Five-door ‘executive’ hatchback Engine options: 1994cc O-Series inline-four 2350cc, 2597cc inline-six 3528cc V8 (155bhp carburettor, […]

Austin/MG Maestro (LC10)

Buying Guide : Maestro/Montego

Fancy a Maestro or Montego? Here’s what to look out for… Availability Years produced: Maestro: 1983-1994 Montego: 1984-1994 Body styles: Maestro: 5-door hatchback, van Montego: 4-door saloon, five-door estate Engine […]

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Buying Guide : Rover 600

ROVER’S 620ti is currently the best-value used performance saloon you can buy. Thanks to contributions from Matt Hicks of the and various members of the AROnline forums, we have […]

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Buying Guide : Rover 200/400

Buying an R8 Fancy a Rover 200/400? Here’s what to look out for… Words: Mike Humble Availability Years produced: 1989-1998 Body style: three- and five-door hatchback, four-door saloon, two-door coupé […]